Many of Marilyn’s best articles are below, but first you’ll find her entrepreneurial memoir, “Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance,” which was written entirely on her former online forum. The story shows how she overcame adversity to accomplish in the business and corporate arena. It has been read over 78,000 times, attracted countless rave reviews and extraordinary public attention, and led to agents and publishing offers. You can still read the original online version free until the upcoming book release. If you read it, she promises you will never look at your business — or your life — in the same way again.

Marilyn’s first book, Feel Free to Prosper — Two Weeks to Unexpected Income with the Simplest Prosperity Laws Available, the book based on her teachings, has been published by Penguin Random House and is available worldwide at major booksellers. The memoir will soon follow.

Marilyn’s Articles

Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance

[Business: Manifesting] Over the years, people have come to me and asked how I got into the special events industry or how I started my special events location and production company and became an “expert” so quickly, appearing on the cover of the Los Angeles Times, syndicated around the world and interviewed on prime time television shows.

Then when I began teaching my Feel Free to Prosper program, my students knew that I used the principles that I teach in my corporate business, but they wanted to know if I applied the Universal laws and prosperity principles to create the business two decades earlier. In the summer of 2006, I decided to begin telling the story on my former Feel Free to Prosper Network.

Be prepared for a detailed account of synchronicity and Universal guidance borne out of my application of the prosperity laws. You will discover how the beginning of this story flows into the subsequent connected experiences and weaves itself into the creation of my company and the business that lasted over 20 years…

Metaphysical Marketing

[Business: Marketing] Let’s explore the use of prosperity principles in our business or profession and discuss the foundation and the underlying causes of success. All of the know-how and marketing skills in the world will not result in success unless you first create that foundation. You can start creating here.

Mental vs. Physical Activity in Marketing

[Business: Marketing] Yes, indeed, marketing your business is an activity. But that does not mean that the activity is necessarily “physical”.

Can one attract or magnetize circumstances without taking “action”?

This article will show that mental activity is thousands and thousands times more potent than physical activity. In fact, mental activity is a precursor to the right physical activity that gets results. However, physical activity is not necessarily required if you understand and apply mental activity. It is not magic. It is law. As I like to say, once you understand how the laws work, the “supernatural” becomes quite natural. You realize that the Universe is indeed magnetic and thought and feeling has more vibratory pull than any magnet you could imagine.

Knowing When To Charge More and To Charge Less

[Business: Marketing] More…The caliber of client I attracted was directly related to the amount of profit I required for myself. The more I claimed for myself, the more the Universe brought to me the clients who had the ability to pay and to accommodate my higher prosperity consciousness.

Or Less…When we boldly claim our good, all of the forces of the Universe will come into play to fulfill our expectations, but sometimes in the disguise of “little packages.” Listen to that inner voice…it will tell you when the little packages contain diamonds.

Progression Not Recession: How to Thrive in Any Economy

[Business: Economy] For the past few years, I’ve been telling my audiences that you have to forget the “R” word, focus on “progression” and not buy into mass mind thinking and media rhetoric about the economy. Not if you want prosperity to knock at your door.

Well, there it is again — all over the news — they’re even preparing us for a second round! “R” word? We choose not to participate!

Source vs. Channels

[Business: Manifesting]  If you are a member of my community, it’s highly likely you’ve seen my published material or heard me speak about “Source vs. Channels.” If you are a student of my Feel Free to Prosper program, then you’ve learned even more about this principle and how to apply it specifically to your business and financial income.

Always Assume the Door is Open

[Business: Manifesting]  One of the most important lessons I teach my prosperity students is to NEVER assume a door is closed based on outer appearances. Stated in the positive, ALWAYS assume the door is open.

One of my private students experienced a wonderful example of this…

How He Manifested a Super Role in a Film, Literally

[Self Improvement: Manifesting] A press release for a current film reveals that the young star was a natural — a natural ‘manifester’. He unknowingly used Universal laws and mental principles to manifest a ‘super’ role in a movie — literally…and in spite of some pretty tremendous odds…

Are You Ready for Your Academy…I mean…Prosperity Award?

[Self-Improvement: Manifesting]  It’s Academy Awards night here in Los Angeles and I’m sure many of you will be watching the telecast or watching the replay around the globe. While watching the event last year, I felt inspired to do something I’ve never done before — share a portion of Lesson Three of the Feel Free to Prosper program that ties in beautifully with this theme.

I cannot resist giving you a taste of a principle that can garner you your own prosperity “Oscar.”

Hooray for Hollywood! …and Prosperity Laws

[Business: Manifesting]  Since everyone seems to be enamored with celebrities (admit it, they DO seem bigger than life, don’t they?), I thought you might like to see examples of how big name stars unwittingly used the same prosperity principles in my Feel Free to Prosper program — even when they have hit “bottom.” And let’s also see how FFTP students have used them in the same way — “wittingly,” of course!

Following are several fascinating editorial accounts about Hollywood stars followed by my own (hopefully fascinating) musings and Feel Free to Prosper “star” student comparisons…

What Is Real Success — to You?

[Self-Improvement: Success]  I’ve had decades to ponder this idea of success and what it really means, and I have arrived at the following conclusion…

The Real Prosperity Secret

[Business: Manifesting]  Law of Attraction not getting the results you had in mind? Learn why … and how you can truly draw prosperity and abundance to you and your business.

Faith and Prosperity Consciousness

[Money and Spirituality]  I believe that spiritual laws are included in all great religions, but are often misinterpreted or distorted.

For example, I have noticed how easily some people can quote phrases and scriptures from the Bible that relate to money and wealth, usually with a negative connotation. And yet they somehow seem to overlook other scriptures of equal importance that can balance the perspective in the positive.

Should We Really Love Money?

[Money: Manifesting]  Ahhh…love is in the air!  It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s romantic, whimsical, and…yep, commercial. Lots of money spent to display our affections. But do we ever think of showing our affection for money itself?

Let’s start out with the words we don’t want to say and hear… but they may hit home and cause you to take stock…

The Law of Reversed Effort

[Self Improvement: Manifesting]  Did you ever have an important problem to solve and tried everything to find a solution, but to no avail?

Well, you are about to find out why…

My “Law of Satisfaction” and Why It Works Faster Than the Law of Attraction

[Self Improvement: Manifesting]  I created a new universal law. Well, actually I know the Universe created it and just decided that I would be the one to teach it. And here’s how it goes…

I believe that when most people address the Law of Attraction, they do so with the belief that they don’t have what they want — that they want to attract it. If we desire something, if we want something, if we want to attract something, what is the message that we are giving to our subconscious mind? Let’s find out…

Cosmic Relief

[Self Improvement: Universal Laws] The foundation of success is in your mind. You do not need to struggle, seek and strive to build your business or achieve your goals. In fact, that can have the opposite effect. It is called The Law of Reversed Effort. You can instead experience the guidance of an unseen hand and know why I say, “The trouble with most people is that they have no invisible means of support.”

Can We Change People?

[Personal and Business Relationships] Part of my teaching is that you cannot change people. What you can do is change your perception of them and they will pick this up and respond on a subconscious level. And like it or not, we are greatly influenced and can become as others see us, unless we make the effort to project to others what we desire to project. “Zapping” instructions here…

Forget the How and Enjoy the Wow — Starting Now!

[Self Improvement: Manifesting] If you will realize that the soil of your subconscious mind is your mental garden, you will then understand that you may plant your seeds and then surrender to that All Knowing Presence to bring your manifestation to fruition — in the right and perfect way and at the right time. It knows exactly what to do. It knows exactly what adjustments must be made, what elements must be harvested, and just when to bring it all together. It is the Master Planner. It is the Chief Operating Officer. It is the Project Manager.

Are You Visualizing “Out There” Or From Within?

[Self Improvement: Manifesting] Does visualizing create a challenge for you? Many people visualize by looking at their goals “out there” on the screen of space in their imagination or on “dream” boards. This article will explain the most powerful way to visualize and the fastest way to manifest results — visualizing from “within”, seeing the world through your own eyes, looking out at the world as if you already are what you want to be or already possess what you desire.

Reality Check: Whose Reality Is It Anyway?

[Self Improvement: Manifesting] In the beginning of my Feel Free to Prosper program, I ask my students to explore and share their core feeling, their core beliefs about their relationship to money and prosperity.

Now, this is a REAL reality check — or we might call this a “prosperity” reality check.

If you think that in some way life has stacked the odds against you, if you feel that there is not a level playing field for success, if you feel “challenged” in your ability to succeed, then I strongly recommend that you not only read this article, but also review the story at the end of the article — the story of a woman who, in my opinion, is one of the greatest inspirations of all time.

Prosperity Consciousness or Bargain Consciousness?

[Self Improvement: Manifesting] On the subject of sales and bargains, there is something magical that happens when you acquire a prosperity mindset.

Have I ever mentioned to you that one of the great perks of acquiring a prosperity consciousness is that savings and discounts of all kinds will follow YOU on the path. When we are connected to our Universal Source, suddenly it seems like the Universe becomes your personal shopper whose goal is to provide you with the best for your needs at the very best price.

Bless It and Praise It

[Self Improvement: Manifesting] What is one of the most powerful, healing, adjusting, attracting and energizing principles in the Universe that can turn any circumstance or situation around, no matter how extreme or hopeless it may appear?

Which Came First — the Chicken or…

[Self Improvement: Manifesting] On June 9th, my new young fan, “Little dd”, decided to share one of my quotes. Three days later, on June 12th, she was shocked to find a very unusual visitor at her door…

Trust in the Law but Tie Up Your Camel

[Self Improvement: Divine Protection] This means that even if we have a deep-seated faith in a Higher Power, we must also do our part and assume responsibility for our lives and circumstances. While our spirits our nurtured by our faith in divine protection, we must be open and receptive to the earthly guidance it produces while remaining grounded in good old common sense (I wonder just how common that is these days!).

Giving and Receiving: How Can One Be Better Than the Other?

[Self-Improvement: Inspiration] If giving and receiving are both aspects of the flow of energy in the Universe, then how can one be “better” than the other? How can one exist without the other? How can we exhale if we don’t inhale, and vice versa?

An Incredible New Weight Loss Product — Your Brain!

[Health and Fitness: Weight-Loss] I would like to introduce you to an incredible new weight loss product: Your brain…

I discovered this technique for weight loss decades ago from a great New Thought teacher. When I posted it on a business forum years ago, members publicly thanked me for their weight loss a short time later. I hope you will also accept this idea and give it a try.

This is not a diet. This is the natural way we are created to use our minds — constructively and in alignment with Universal laws.

Cosmic Relief: Healing Through Mental and Spiritual Law

[Health and Fitness: Healing] Can mental and spiritual principles be applied to the healing of physical conditions — to our own or those of our loved ones? Absolutely!

Disease is actually dis-ease in mind or spirit. The body is an outer reflection of what is going on within. Now it doesn’t mean you have to necessarily know what is going on. Yes, it can be at an unconscious level. It may be the result of faulty patterns in the subconscious. It can be temporary or it can be chronic. But the body and mind are not separate entities. Our bodies, minds and emotions are one. The body reflects our mental and emotional state. It is our mirror. And we can change our reflection.

Holiday Articles

New Year’s: Have You Planned Your New Year’s Revolutions?

No, that’s not a typo. Let’s start the year with a revolutionary new concept to create the revolutionary new you!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: “I Have a Dream Today”

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered a speech on August 28, 1963, on the steps of the Washington, D.C. Lincoln Memorial during the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.
What does his speech have to do with a prosperity consciousness?

Valentine’s Day: Self Love

So…let’s discuss self-love and its effect on our lives. These are the thoughts that come to mind, my own philosophy of self-love…

Valentine’s Day: Love That Rock!

This Valentine’s Day, give the woman who has everything…the Galaxy’s largest diamond!

Presidents’ Day Reality Check: Whose Reality Is It Anyway?

Every major holiday provides a theme for me to offer a metaphysical lesson that relates to prosperity consciousness and success in life. I think you’ll like my twist on this one.

St. Patrick’s Day:  Is It Luck? Or Is It Law?

Luck of the Irish, shamrocks, wearing of the green (pinches if you don’t!)…yet another opportunity to continue the ritual of digging out prosperity lessons in my metaphysical interpretation of a holiday.

April Fool’s Day: The Subconscious Cannot Take a Joke

Although not a legal holiday, April Fool’s Day can remind us to have fun with prosperity, but not be “foolhardy” with our consciousness.

Easter: A Different Kind of Resurrection

We know that this holiday symbolizes a resurrection.

But do you realize that it also symbolizes another kind of resurrection?

Easter Fun

Hoppin’ along with a little prosperity surprise…

Passover: “Passover” to Prosperity Consciousness

The secret meaning of Passover is very much aligned with our quest for prosperity consciousness as well as our subconscious resistance to it — certainly the foundation of the Feel Free to Prosper teachings.

Earth Day: The Ground Beneath Your Feet

Yes, Earth refers to our home, the third planet from the Sun, and its inhabitants. But “earth” is also defined as the “ground beneath your feet.” Over the years, I discovered that metaphysically, our feet represent “understanding” related directly to success in life…

Mother’s Day: For Someone Who May Not Have a Mother

This is for everyone, but especially for you today…

Memorial Day: Remembering and Honoring…Not Just in America

To all the men and women in our planet’s military who have given their lives to defend our freedom…

Father’s Day: Many Fathers

Many of us have or have had more than one father.

Independence Day: YOUR  Declaration of Independence

On this holiday representing our collective freedoms, no matter where you reside on our planet, while Americans are enjoying gatherings with family and friends, picnics, barbeques, parades and fireworks, I encourage everyone to draft your own “Declaration of Financial Independence” by considering the following questions…

Independence Day: This Psychic’s Uncanny Predictions for Me Came True on the 4th of July

This is a true story. It happened to me on Independence Day many years ago. An intriguing 4th of July tale about psychic powers that I hope will entertain you and make you think…

Labor Day: Working to Live — or Living to Work?

One dictionary definition of labor is: physical or mental work, esp. of a hard or fatiguing kind; toil.

The dictionary tells us that work done for the sake of one’s own enjoyment or of benefit to others rather than for material or monetary reward is a labor of love. I ask…why shouldn’t our livelihoods be based on work done for our own enjoyment or for the benefit to others as well as for monetary reward?

Rosh Hashanah: I Thought of Her Again and Realized How Fortunate We Really Are…

As the Jewish holidays began, my thoughts drifted to a woman I met several years ago. Her story had a profound impact on me at that time and always “shocks” me into perspective whenever I think of her…

Maybe you’re going through a difficult time, experiencing financial limitation or otherwise challenged in some area of life. Perhaps this story will give you a little shock, too…you know, the kind that lifts us out of our “pity party” and renews our faith in our ability to overcome those challenges…

Yom Kippur: Atone: “At One” to Prosper

In reflecting on the meaning of this holiest of days in Judaism, I ask myself, do we have to be Jewish to benefit from the meaning and the message it provides? The meaning is a universal one, a human one, not just a Jewish one. More specifically, it’s a spiritual one very much aligned with our prosperity work in the areas of forgiveness and release and our oneness in Spirit.

Columbus Day: Signs of Land

I cannot help but relate that difficult voyage to our journey to grow in life.

We often decide to “tough it out” but then we are overcome with fear. We may even cry, inwardly or outwardly, like children. And how many times have we just given up and felt it was better to turn back to something safe and familiar and mediocre than to forge fearlessly ahead to new horizons — to our dreams of fulfillment and prosperity?

Halloween: Come As You REALLY Are

Expect no tricks but do anticipate many treats in the form of the gifts of divine guidance. Ask our Universal Source to reveal what needs to be revealed and to illumine the path for you and everyone on your path.

If you prefer to don a costume in consciousness then why not “come as you really are….”

Election Day  2008: I Am SO Proud to be an American Tonight

Wow, did I open a can of worms and push some intense buttons when I posted a message on a women’s business network on election day…

Posted before the election results…

I am so proud of Americans and this country tonight. It’s not about the winner of this historical election. I am proud because…

Election  2016: The Election Results and Prosperity Laws

In this election season packed with emotion, debate, controversy, and surprises…had you given any thought to how you would react once the vote is over? How do you feel now and how will you feel in the future toward our President if your candidate did not win?

Veterans Day: Veterans Day, Remembrance Day and YOU — a Veteran of Spirit

Following is my annual tribute to the holiday and of course it includes my customary metaphysical twist.

Thanksgiving: One Grateful Bird!

A young man named John received a parrot as a gift. The parrot had a bad attitude and an even worse vocabulary. Every word out of the bird’s mouth was rude, obnoxious, and laced with profanity…

Hanukkah: Let There Be Light

I’ve come up with an idea for us to apply Hanukkah’s message for our own personal transformation, prosperity and business success. The Festival of Lights provides a simple reminder of the attributes of consciousness that should always remain foremost in our minds and hearts. From these attributes will flow everything that is needed to make us happy and our lives complete…

Christmas: A Holiday Story: Against the Odds
My prosperity teachings and spiritual philosophy champion the use of positive words and ideas only.  However, in an apparently negative situation usually lies the seed of a valuable lesson and I decided to share this story with you, hoping that you, also, will appreciate the lesson.
Christmas: The Meaning (and Not) of Christmas to Me

In my opinion, aside from the obvious festivities, there are many worthwhile goals that can be experienced during the holiday season. It can be a time for healing and closure, and ultimately a time to prepare for the “birth” of new ideas and new manifestations.

Why December 25th? A Stunning Revelation

In Part Two of this holiday message, I will share with you the most “astronomical” and “heavenly” interpretation I have ever found of this most famous of births. What does this have to do with Universal laws of manifestation?