Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir
of Synchronicity and Guidance

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Marilyn’s fascinating memoir that captivates readers around the globe is currently free to read online and will soon be published.

It was written completely online and reveals how she used the prosperity laws to overcome adversity and accomplish in the business arena. It’s been read over 70,000 times, has attracted extraordinary public attention and countless rave reviews,
She promises if you read it, you will never look at your business — or your life — in the same way again.

Feel Free to Prosper, the book based on Marilyn’s teachings, is published by Penguin Random House, and is available at booksellers worldwide.

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Create Unexpected Income in Two Weeks:
The Universe on Speed Dial!

Marilyn’s Popular Interview on Manifest Everything Now with Host Kristin Howe!

On this call you will discover:

  • So, what ARE these mental and spiritual laws?
  • Why affirmations may not be bringing you results
  • Why you shouldn’t try to create success. In fact, trying will never get you there
  • Why what you think is your source of income is really not your source of income
  • The words that you are habitually using that are preventing your success
  • And the single most immediate thing you can do — right now — to increase your income!

Feel Free to Prosper: Unexpected Income in Two Weeks!

Marilyn’s Popular Interview on Manifest Everything Now with Host Kristin Howe!

On this call you will discover:

  • Why spiritual substance is steadfast and doesn’t care about economic cycles
  • How everything can change in two weeks — the psychological proof
  • Why Marilyn’s “law of satisfaction” works even faster than the Law of Attraction
  • The first thing you MUST do to turn any situation around
  • Three words you must never utter again if you want true prosperity
  • A simple technique to pay a table full of bills on time
  • “Loose lips sink ships” — why silence is golden for manifesting

Feel Free to Prosper: Secrets to Success in Life & Business

Recorded Interview with Marilyn and Adam Urbanski, the Marketing Mentor

Renowned marketing expert, Adam Urbanski, was so fascinated when he read Marilyn’s entrepreneurial memoir that he knew he had to invite her for an interview to share her knowledge and experience.

You can listen as Marilyn discusses the Universal laws and prosperity principles she used to create her former renowned small business from scratch that attracted the world’s largest corporate clients for over two decades.

This content-rich interview created a lot of buzz and you can now get the download free.


The Universe on Speed Dial…

Recorded Interview with Marilyn and Host Heidi Richards Mooney

In this interview, Marilyn takes the mystery out of the Universal laws she used to create an internationally acclaimed business out of thin air…and that she now teaches to students the world over with her Feel Free to Prosper® program, known for creating results within two weeks.

Thousands have prospered with her teachings and achieved quick financial manifestations…even when life looked bleakest. It is possible to turn everything around in as little as two weeks, once you have the proper tools. The same striking results happen for those who are already on top as they use Marilyn’s teachings to climb even higher.

Host Heidi Richards Mooney, President of WE Magazine for Women, shares her own results with Marilyn’s teachings.


An Introduction to Universal Laws and Prosperity Principles

Special Edition e-Book

This highly popular 42-page Special Edition e-Book serves as an introduction to mental and spiritual laws and the prosperity principles that are the foundation of the Feel Free to Prosper® program. It will raise your awareness and start you on your journey to grow your prosperity consciousness.

If you have seen the movie The Secret but want more specific information to apply the Law of Attraction and other equally important laws in your life, this e-Book is for you. Here’s your opportunity to experience Marilyn’s teaching style and learn powerful prosperity principles that you can apply immediately.

This content-rich eBook originally sold for $47.

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Feel Free to Prosper Students in Their Own Words

Free Inspiring e-Book

Students of Marilyn Jenett and the Feel Free to Prosper® program inspire others to overcome limitation by applying prosperity laws.

This inspiring eBook contains the compelling student stories that are featured in Marilyn’s book published by Penguin Random House. Let these students inspire you in their own words with their genuine and heartfelt accounts of the results they experienced with the Feel Free to Prosper program. Shown here is Marilyn’s student, Olympic Medalist Catherine Garceau.

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