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This is my former web consultant, Carma…
If she can lose 70 pounds without dieting,
what about you?

252 lbs to 185 lbs —14 months and no dieting!

The complete self-study audio program
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If you are not yet familiar with my teachings…I’m an internationally respected prosperity mentor and author, and founder of the legendary Feel Free to Prosper® program. The book based on my teachings is published by Penguin Random House. My simple yet powerful lesson techniques based on mental and spiritual laws have traditionally created financial results for thousands of my students within two weeks.

But…can you REALLY lose weight without dieting? Not monitoring or measuring your food? Not changing anything you are doing today? Except your mind?

Yes, you can transform and re-create your body and permanently lose extra weight with little conscious effort and in only 15 minutes a day — by only changing your mind.

The Feel Free to Prosper I Create My Body® program is a unique lesson and mentoring experience that is based on a mental technique for losing weight that I discovered many years ago from a great New Thought teacher (revealed below). I have used the technique over the years to maintain my own weight. (In case you’re wondering, this has nothing to do with hypnosis.)

In 2005, I decided to conduct a formal test of the technique with a group of volunteer participants to prove the effectiveness of this method, which had not been revealed to the mainstream, for the purpose of potentially offering it as a Feel Free to Prosper program. I wanted to see enough positive results from the general public to support it.

The testimonials resulting from that “body prosperity challenge” proved the value of the technique and since I created the program, results have continued to support it. You’ll find many of the testimonials below. I am now offering YOU the opportunity to lose weight in this natural, effortless way — by gently shifting your subconscious dominant thought. You will no longer think of yourself as having to “lose weight.”

You are not required to change anything that you are doing at this time. You are to merely apply the principles as instructed and let your subconscious mind do the rest. Any changes in your habits or routine will be inspired from the inside out…naturally…not from will power or forced action. You can use the technique along with anything else you are currently doing with respect to your weight.

A Bit of History

“Do the homework and you’ll get the results.”

That’s what Dr. Joseph Murphy used to tell me, and what I now tell my students…

The special technique I incorporated into this program comes from Dr. Murphy. I have expanded the program to include my own enhancements based on my years of study and extensive knowledge of the subconscious mind.

Joseph Murphy (1893-1981), Ph.D., D.D., LL.D., D.R.S., was a world-renowned authority on mysticism and mind dynamics and the author of more than 30 books, including The Power of the Subconscious Mind, one of the most powerful and widely read self-help books ever written and a true classic, translated into numerous languages. Dr. Murphy wrote, taught, counseled and lectured to thousands all over the world for nearly 50 years. He lived nearby and I was blessed to have known him. He was my earliest teacher.

I credit his technique that I am introducing to you for the body that I have. My mother was very obese and died when she was younger than I am now. My younger sister was extremely obese as a teenager and then I believe she became bulimic. She is also gone. I have a body at least 20 years younger than my years. Thank you, Dr. Murphy. May I continue to do your teachings justice, keep them alive and help others with this endeavor.

And Current Views

You may have a large amount of weight to lose or perhaps you need to lose minimally. You are not alone in any category and many others share your challenge. That’s what makes this process so interesting. Dr. Murphy said, “The law is no respecter of persons.” This means that the mental and spiritual laws work the same for everyone, no matter who you are and whatever your situation. We are all made of the same mind stuff and spirit. Just as gravity will work for all alike, so will these mental laws, if you align yourself with them.

What’s fascinating is that there is an ever-increasing number of diet books on the market, there is more knowledge available to us than ever before about nutrition and health, there are probably more gyms and fitness centers than at any other time. Yet we are fatter than ever! And we need to stop blaming it all on sitting at computers. The proliferation of weight loss programs and equipment speaks volumes about our futile search for a new and better magic pill.

Something does not make sense here. We are attempting to solve the problem from the outside when we first need to establish a foundation on the inside.

In my Feel Free to Prosper prosperity program, I state that all of the marketing, sales and business know-how in the world will not enable you to succeed unless you have the mindset for success. Only then will those worldly tools help you.

It is exactly the same with our body and our weight. All of the books, knowledge, diets and equipment in the world will not result in your “body prosperity” unless you first have the mindset for a fit, healthy body. Only then will those other tools help you. If you don’t have the mindset, then you will automatically keep reverting back to the tangible evidence of your core belief. Thus, the all too familiar “yo-yo.”

So I know you are hungering for a solution.

The Nuts and Bolts

Applying the laws of mind and spirit is the closest thing you’ll ever find to a magic pill.

It addresses the problem and provides the solution at the core level of belief — the foundation for anything that you wish to create in life. This process does not promote any specific diet or exercise — you make the conscious effort to do your part, and your subconscious mind will do the rest. Any changes in your habits or routine will be inspired from the inside out, naturally, not from will power or forced action.

Finally…here is the opportunity to lose weight in a natural, effortless way — by gently shifting the dominant thought in your subconscious mind and no longer thinking of yourself as having to “lose weight.” We will be changing the focus of your consciousness to what you do want instead of what you don’t want. As long as you keep thinking of what you don’t want, you will continue to manifest more of what you don’t want. That is the nature of the subconscious mind and the foundation of mental law.

A sculptor does not think at all about chipping away at stone or marble or clay. Rather, he (or she) sees in the mind’s eye the image of what they want to create — the vision of the end result. And that’s what you are going to be doing with your body. You will no longer be concentrating on “chipping away” anything. You will be focused on the desired result. You will be creating the body that you want instead of bemoaning the body that you don’t want.

By applying the techniques to instill new seed thoughts in the subconscious, you will be creating a new set of core beliefs, and those beliefs will in turn create healing and a new physical condition.

Welcome to I Create My Body. The name is appropriate because the program eliminates the concepts of “dieting, weight, losing weight, etc.” and instead refocuses all attention, consciously and subconsciously, on the desired result — a fit, healthy body.

You are invited to begin your journey to create YOUR desired body … and yes, gentlemen, this program is for you, too.

Listen to Marilyn’s radio interviews about I Create My Body:



70 Pounds Lighter and Counting!

In February 2010, weighing in at 252 lbs., and after trying to lose weight for 13 years, I decided to give Marilyn’s I Create My Body program a try.

You see, in 1997 I had gained 15 lbs. due to a pregnancy that ended in miscarriage. In my efforts to lose that weight, I went in the opposite direction. I tried several weight-loss programs and had some short-lived results. But eventually I not only gained the weight I lost back, but added more on to boot.

By the time I got up to 252 lbs., I had pretty much lost hope. So what did I have to lose by trying I Create My Body?

Well, apparently, I had 70 lbs. and counting to lose! As I write this, I’m already 182 lbs. and dropping.

It has been like magic. I did these simple exercises and cravings disappeared and weight melted off me. In addition, it has been a healthy weight loss … slow and steady. No new stretch marks added to those created by previous weight loss efforts!

The I Create My Body program has changed my life. Just one year ago, I would look at myself in the mirror and think I looked like a pre-historic fertility doll. Now I look at myself and feel ecstatic joy at the return of my waist. I joyfully look forward to releasing the remaining 40 lbs. and staying there for good!

Carma Spence
DragonWyze Solutions

Loving the New Me!

May 2007

I started Marilyn’s I Create My Body program several weeks ago. The first few days I noticed results, right away. My cravings changed. I lost all desire to eat “junk” food. In fact, it just isn’t appealing to me at all. It’s like being forced to eat something that you do not like. I started craving “good” foods. I realized that for the ease of convenience, we fell away from our usual diet of lots of veggies and homemade meals with whole grains, wheat and oats. So, I put us back on that menu of food. I crave salads again (although the dressings seem to do it no justice anymore). Every bite is good…it is fulfilling a craving … a desire.

2 weeks after starting the program, I went from a size 12 pants to a size 10. And now my size 10s are even a little looser than they were at that 2-week mark. I have so much more energy that I can chase my kids around without wanting to fall over and recoup (I have a three-year old and an 8-month old). In fact, I find myself going on cleaning sprees late in the night to burn off the energy so I can sleep.

I am definitely loving the NEW ME!

Or should I say…

I am definitely loving having the OLD ME BACK!

Susan McCool
Spotlight Marketing and Design

Update April 2008

When I began I Create My Body, I weighed 178 pounds. By the 4-week mark, I weighed in at 155 pounds and have remained there for the last 12 months. Altogether, I lost 23 pounds. I am only 5’4″ (if that!). So, twenty-three pounds on my small frame and short height is a lot. And, I didn’t lose the weight in places to make me look un-proportionate. I lost the weight in all the right places. The “before” photo you see of me was taken in March 2007, just before starting the I Create My Body program in April.


I started Marilyn’s Feel Free to Prosper program in September 2010. Within a couple of weeks I started to see a difference in my life. Things were happening at an amazing rate and my life had more peace and harmony in it. Today I still practice those teachings and when I do let it slide for a week or two it is clearly evident. I then do my “homework” and instead of thinking about the How, I feel the Wow!

Earlier this year I purchased Marilyn’s I Create My Body program. I wanted to feel fit and healthy and enjoy a heightened level of energy. However, I only started this journey at the beginning of May 2011. The timing was clearly not right prior to that. My weight when I commenced was 77 kilos (169 lbs). To date I have lost 8 kilos and now weigh 69 kilos (152lbs). My goal is 65 kilos (143lbs).

Rather than a diet this is a complete mind shift. I just naturally turn to healthier foods and find alternative ways to “flavour them up”. I am enjoying the journey and love the new “ME”.

Thank you, Marilyn, for this and all your teachings.

Jacqui Kalka
Real Estate Agent
New Zealand

When I first approached Marilyn about her I Create My Body Program I was overweight and depressed. It was coming into summer and I so dreaded getting into that swimsuit for our annual 4th of July family get together. I had no motivation, didn’t even want to pop in another exercise video and try to lose the 15 pounds I wanted to lose in order to feel good for that gathering.

I signed up for Marilyn’s class and within a few days had talked my hubby into getting me a bike so that I could get off my chair and get moving. Marilyn suggested I do something I really love … I love to bike ride but had been putting off getting a new one for ages…well, with Marilyn’s suggestion I went out and got one.

Not only was I seeing a change in my body as the weeks went by but also a change in my hubby’s attention, the self confidence I was gaining back, and the way I felt after bike riding.

During that first month and a half I lost 10 pounds just by changing the way I thought about losing weight thanks to Marilyn’s program and support.

If you have struggled with the “not another diet program” blues, then this program is for YOU! It is not another one of those dreaded diets that make you feel like you are depriving yourself. This is a total body makeover from the inside out!

Thank you Marilyn

Rebbekah White
Heal Yourself Talk Radio

Hi Marilyn,

As I’m in the middle of a divorce and have a tremendous amount going on, sometimes I don’t get to the written exercise on a daily basis. But I’ve been doing it mentally/verbally very frequently and I know with total certainty that it’s working. I am skinnier because clothes I couldn’t get into are now comfortable on me. I’ve been sleeping much less without great fatigue and have been able to exercise daily, sometimes a couple of times a day in moderation since the beginning. The qualitative difference is that I am doing good things for myself on a consistent basis. I’ve always known WHAT to do but seem finally to be able to keep with it. Having the mental component in place is like finding the missing piece of the puzzle that, without it, would invariably leave me back to my old negative self-talk and self-sabotaging habits.

I know I’ve turned the corner and my mind knows it too and my body is catching on over time. It’s really very exciting. And this month, for the first time in years, my cycle came and went without a very disruptive PMS episode in which I used to crave lots of starchy foods.

With gratitude

(Name withheld for privacy)

Hello Marilyn,

From one of your guinea pigs from the I Create My Body program…

I started June 4 with this program. The day I started, I checked my weight. It was 188…ick. So the scale got chucked under the bureau, didn’t want to see it.

Two weeks later, curiosity got the best of me. 184! Yes I did the YIPPI dance. I was sold. The only things that may have changed are that I was eating more, slipped in a few pieces of cake and ice cream occasionally, and more activity, not exercise, just overall more activity. I followed your daily guidelines of the program. Now at the end of July my weight is 180.

Along with needing new bras I can fit 3 fingers at my waist. This is a YIPPI moment! This is so easy it will bewilder the intelligent. This may not be quick for me, but it is steady and consistent with results that last, and that will stay with me all my life.

Marilyn I am so grateful for your teachings, just imagine how much more in life can change if we used 1/2 of what we could of our brains!!!

I am ready now for your prosperity teleclass and recommend to anyone reading this post that if there is anything in their life that they would like to change, it begins with the thought, belief and action, and Marilyn carefully guides you on your journey!

Your Winning Guinea Pig
Sheila Scott

Hi Marilyn:

Since beginning the program, I’ve been far more conscious of what I eat, and just this morning have started an exercise program that is actually fun. I purchased a Gazelle glider, and for the first time, I truly believe that it is possible to create my ideal body, without stress, worry and backsliding. It feels great, knowing that this time, it will be forever.

…After three days, I can feel my back and legs getting stronger, and I was able to wear a pair of jeans that haven’t fit for months. They’re still tight, but I actually got the zipper closed! LOL!!

…if you realize that the process is a way for you to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that unexpectedly come your way in order to make these changes permanent, you will be successful. You are what you think you are.

This is a great program, and when applied properly, it works. The secret is in the application.

Bev Hanna, S.C.A.
Beverley J. Hanna Fine Art

More Testimonials Below..

Your Self-Study Audio Program
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The 90-minute downloadable recording of the interactive telephone group mentoring session. (mp3)

 Important highlights from the transcript of the call for your review and reinforcement. (pdf)

 The I Create My Body Lesson. (pdf)

Notes for new Feel Free to Prosper students to help and encourage you while you do the lesson work. (pdf)

 BONUS! Marilyn’s complete Body Prosperity ebook, a companion to the I Create My Body program, filled with expert information, Marilyn’s additional teachings and favorite fitness and nutrition tips that will speed up your progress and enhance your health. See below for a more detailed description. (pdf)

 BONUS! Surprise audio recordings of three expert interviews with Marilyn and her guests in the fields of nutrition, body image and eating disorders, and nutritional supplements. (mp3)

 BONUS! Special recording of Marilyn’s interview with Carma Spence, who shares details of her effortless I Create My Body journey to lose 70 pounds. (mp3)

Surprise Interviews!

To enhance the effectiveness of my I Create My Body program even more, I invited three special guest experts to join me for content-rich interviews. Surprise recordings of these calls are included in your purchase and will inspire and inform you … so you will get the results you are seeking with the program. Nothing is sold or promoted on the calls.

I selected the guest experts because they have important complementary information to fill in the gaps on your journey to reach a healthier and fit body.

And I’ve included one more special call recording described below. I interviewed Carma Spence, the woman who appears at the top of this page and in the first testimonial. You’ll hear first-hand details about her effortless journey to lose 70 pounds with I Create My Body.

Our bodies are a mirror of our mental, emotional and spiritual states. We are here to help you change that reflection!

Carma Spence
An I Create My Body Journey

Carma’s I Create My Body Blog

Carma shares with you in more detail her personal story… while I illuminate the body prosperity laws that explain Carma’s experiences and results. Carma’s journey and my knowledge will help you understand more about how the program works and will keep you encouraged and motivated on your own journey as you melt away the pounds.

Carma shares her experience with:

  • • Vanishing cravings
  • • Healthier habits
  • • Reduced appetite
  • • Replacing life-long sabotaging thought patterns

The Body Prosperity eBook

Also included in the I Create My Body program is Body Prosperity, an ebook based on an online workshop I conducted several years ago. This book is packed with life-enhancing information that complements the content of the audio program. It includes valuable advice from renowned medical doctors and other experts, my additional teachings and my favorite fitness and nutrition tips.

Topics covered in this ebook are:

  • Introduction
  • Is It Time We Made Peace With Our Bodies?
  • Falling In Love With Our Bodies
  • Exercise — Not Just for Weight
  • Attractiveness
  • The Mindset of Being a “Dieter”
  • Cosmic Relief — Healing Through Mental and Spiritual Law
  • Why “Weight” For a Better Body?
  • Faster Than a Speeding Microbe — It’s Superfoods!
  • Pasta Paradise (This delicious pasta has only 20 calories vs. 200!!)
  • Safe Sweeteners — the Good, the Maybe and the Wonderful
  • Eureka! How Sweet It Is!
  • Loving Chocolate
  • Bless It and Praise It — Chew on This

What an incredible journey we have been on.

I am traveling on vacation next week, and have a speaking engagement the following week, so I needed to get some new clothing!

So far I have lost a little over 20 pounds and over 18.5 inches! It is so funny because yesterday I went to Lane Bryant to look for something I can wear for the presentation. When I started the I Create My Body program I was a size 22 and was delighted when I went to the store and asked for a size 18. Imagine my surprise when I learned that size 18 was too big!! I got to walk out of the store with the smallest size blue jeans that they offered, and they fit me great – they did not have dress suits that fit me.

Posted later…

Back from business travel!! What fun that was! I was seeing my business colleagues, some of whom I have not seen in years, and guess what…they really, really noticed a difference in my new “body creation-works.”

“What are you DOING, Dawn, you look so serene and skinny!?”

My system has become more in tune with healthy eating and rewarding my lifestyle decisions better…. I am training in earnest for a 5K road race in October!

Creating my body is a very personal delight.

Dawn Mular
Helping Friends Career Network

Bev Hanna

Hi Everyone!

I like hearing the results of those who post and the internal as well as external changes going on. I’m happy for everyone.

I’m feeling terrific. I’ve lost 9 pounds so far and several inches around my middle and I appreciate that. More importantly, I’m appreciating my body, the marvelous way it takes care of me, and how it really knows what it needs and requires to run efficiently – if I listen to it! 🙂

A side note is that my husband is eating healthier too, because I do the cooking. I’ve enjoyed cooking fabulous vegetarian meals with the fresh produce and the fruit is a major treat!

I was so bored with eating junk, but in a funk and really didn’t care. Funk About Junk – sounds like a song! 🙂 Now a bowl of blueberries or a few cherries and I feel like a queen!

I care about me, my health, my precious body that didn’t give up on *me* even when I wasn’t treating it with much respect.

On the whole, life is good and in balance. Thanks Marilyn for ICMB (I Create My Body). What a kind, gentle program to lose weight, heal issues around food, and feel better, inside and out!

Carole Cross
Spiritual Wise Woman

Hello Marilyn,

I joined the I Create My Body program in the interest of reprogramming my subconscious mind to improve my daily food choices. What I ended up taking away was even more interesting and profound.

Within the first two weeks of the program I began craving healthier foods. My body seemed to be asking for olives, hummus, and flat bread. Thankfully, these are all foods that I love, packed full of yummy goodness. I still want to eat crunchy carbs and melted cheese, but am learning to balance these choices.

The best take away from the program for me was learning to have a much greater appreciation for my strong and beautiful body. I am a healthy, physically fit woman with muscular frame. I am strong, active and flexible. Thanks to your program, instead of fretting about extra inches around my waist line, and beating myself up over poor food choices, I honor my healthy body. By honoring my body, I make better choices more often.

The extra bonus is teaching my 7-year old daughter to love her body knowing she will model my behavior.

Thanks for the lesson.

Shann Vander Leek, CTACC
True Balance Life Coaching

Hi All!

A great coup for me!

I couldn’t wear the outfit I planned to my best friend’s daughter’s wedding yesterday because……drum roll please ;-)…… it was so the wrong size for the new me that it hung on me like a sack!!!!! !WOW!!!! How cool is that?!

To top everything off, I was also able to wear a pair of shoes that have been sitting in my closet for a couple of years.

Posted later…

Am delighted to tell you that with the pounds I’ve shed since beginning the ICMB program, I am now 2 – 3 sizes smaller [depends on clothing manufacturer and type of clothing]. How do I know this? I just purchased a couple of new cropped pants and walking shorts and kept having to go smaller than I had anticipated! Ya Hoo! 😉

This time of year is also filled with wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables so I have been filling up on them rather than something “easy” such as a cream cheese and jelly sandwich or [dare I admit to this?] the occasional frozen meal [while I choose healthy frozen items, they’re still prepared food rather than fresh and thus pile on the calories!]

I’ve also discovered that the biking shorts from way back when that I couldn’t wear for so long, now fit – that’s really cool!

Barb 😉

Barbara Legan
Sedona, AZ

Three years ago I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic. I was overweight and quite devastated with the diagnosis. After several months of following the “traditional/standard ” treatments, I decide that there must be another way to treat my diabetes.

I began to follow the holistic path, eating organic foods, taking the necessary supplements, yoga, etc., so when I Create My Body was presented I decided it would be a great complement to what I was already doing. You should know that for a type II diabetic, it is very difficult to lose weight. Being on the program I lost 15 pounds, proving that what you believe/think really does affect what happens!

I am delighted and feel blessed that the universe opened another avenue to me!

Caroline Ferenczi
New York

As a student of Marilyn’s Prosperity programs, I know that the principles she teaches work. I have seen the magic happen in my own life as well as those around me. So when I learned about the I Create My Body program I knew it was something I needed to discover.

I have always had a troubling relationship with my body and had literally done everything to try and change it. There is something about the way Marilyn teaches that combines compassion with a no nonsense approach that for me just works. It’s simple — do these things and this will happen. Don’t, and leave it up to chance. In I Create My Body I began to understand how in control I am, and not the other way around. I became friends with my body and learned that she is MY servant. By impressing my subconscious with my “new desired reality” for my body I was able to attract to me the perfect resources to drop the ten pounds I had been struggling with for years! Life is fun. I love how I look and how I feel. And it all seems so simple.

Thank you, Marilyn, for passing along the wisdom of these teachings to me. I can’t believe there was a time when I didn’t get it!

Kate West
Author, Producer, Actor

I was so impressed with the results I got from Marilyn’s Feel Free to Prosper program that I purchased the I Create My Body Program.

It was simple to me and I have lost 35 pounds so far. It’s your mindset that is changed and in turn you will do what your body needs. I ate what I wanted and exercised because I wanted to. By changing my mindset, I started to make better eating choices and walking.

Anyone can do this program and win!

Nancy Gonzalez
New Mexico

The I Create My Body® Audio Program
Plus Bonuses:

You get…

  • The 90-minute recording of the interactive telephone group mentoring session. Download the mp3 recording to listen on your computer or mobile device.
  • Important Highlights from the transcript of the call for your review and reinforcement.
  • The I Create My Body Lesson.
  • Notes for new Feel Free to Prosper students to help and encourage you while you do the lesson work.
  • BONUS! Marilyn’s complete Body Prosperity ebook, a companion to the I Create My Body program, filled with expert information, Marilyn’s additional teachings and fitness and nutrition tips that will speed up your progress and enhance your health.
  • BONUS! Surprise recordings of four interviews with Marilyn and her guests in the fields of nutrition, body image and eating disorders, and nutritional supplements.

Single Payment of $147USD

Marilyn’s Guarantee

I am confident that you will experience the results that I promise. This is a very low investment for the great value and content of this program. I want you to purchase the program only if you are truly ready for change and are willing to apply the lessons.

However, if you don’t find the program to be of great value as promised, let us know within 30 days of your purchase. I’ll be happy to give you a full credit toward any other Feel Free to Prosper product or service.