Feel Free to Prosper Testimonials

Feel Free to Prosper students are men and women from all walks of life and from across the globe — different backgrounds, financial situations, education and cultures.

They are business owners and employees, entrepreneurs, “solo-preneurs,” sales agents, professionals, jobseekers, working moms, coaches, healers, writers, artists, entertainers, students, retirees and even an Olympic champion and a film star.

On this page is just a sampling of the countless results achieved by Marilyn’s students…


I wished I could return to graduate school, but with a family, a full-time job and financial obligations, I didn’t see how. I followed Marilyn’s guidance to manifest my ideal job and within two weeks, attracted a dream job that offered FREE TUITION.

I received my Master’s in April — and again, returned for Marilyn’s guidance to seek my ultimate dream job. And I found it! I am now a Senior Director for an organization empowering girls and young women. I love what I do, and the people that I work with. As an added bonus, my study group from my Master’s program created a side business — an organizational leadership consulting company. My annual income has more than doubled since I obtained my first job with Marilyn, and all this during a national recession!

I feel much more powerful now as I grow to understand more about the laws. I feel they have firmly “taken hold” in my subconscious and that I am truly able to create the life that I desire.

Update: I have since been promoted to Senior Vice President at an even greater increase in salary — still during the 2011 economy. This now truly is my dream job — it’s been wonderful going through this journey with Marilyn.

Alison Wilcox
Senior Vice President for a National Organization
Co-Founder of Serendipity Leadership Solutions
Buffalo, NY

My name is Minerva. I am a 24-year old California Realtor and I am writing this with all my sincerity and gratitude. I have been working with Marilyn’s prosperity lessons, and wanted to share the wonderful results I have seen, all within weeks of applying the work.

I have experienced amazing results, different and so much better than I had imagined, and I believe it is because of the simplicity of the first lesson. I have closed 3 transactions, opened 2 new ones, and received many market analysis assignments from banks (which pay agents’ fees). That’s not all…I acquired 4 approved ready-to-buy buyers too! All this since starting the lessons…and all of this is happening at the height of the 2009 economic recession in the U.S.

Minerva Paniagua
Real Estate Consultant
Manteca, CA

Feel Free to Prosper Has Completely Transformed My Life

Back in 2006, I expected to break $100,000 for the first time in my life. Only missed it by a few thousand dollars. Life was good.

Then my husband got “constant-attention” sick and my business all but ceased to exist. Gone was my income, his paycheck, our savings, his 401K and profit sharing, our perfect credit rating… By the time we hit rock bottom, we owed the world and couldn’t make payments. Creditors called constantly. We didn’t even have the funds to declare bankruptcy.

Finally, I tried something I’d forgotten about: I talked to the universe, admitted I was out of ideas and asked for help, any kind of help. The very next day, Marilyn Jenett called, referred by a mutual contact.

Can I say the rest is history? Because Oy, what a difference that phone call made!

I immediately began reading her program, writing out the homework, and, after the requisite week, listening to the recorded audio. Within days, my jazz-pianist husband landed a gig. Then more gigs. Soon he’d gone from one gig a week to four or five with new possibilities opening up everywhere. I was totally hooked.

Pretty soon I started getting results. Before long I had clients calling and students enrolling in my Ghostwriting Certification classes. Mind boggling.

Not long afterwards when I got a referral to a high-ticket potential client, I knew it was a done deal even before we met!

I wasn’t hoping, I knew my subconscious manifests my future and I had programmed my subconscious using Marilyn’s teachings and techniques. There was never any question.

Because I know it works.

Because Marilyn has a piece of the truth that — despite her modesty — no one else has.

Because she has a way of putting the ease and logic in universal truths so that the “work” is effortless, the transformation is painless, and the manifestations are guaranteed.

My husband recently passed away, which brought additional financial responsibilities. But again, synchronistically and right on time, another high ticket client arrived, just the right person to work with during this sensitive period. My upcoming writing classes totally filled without effort on my part. I also asked the universe, “What now?” and through inspired action, founded my new publishing company.

So in answer to y’all who keep asking me how I always have a steady stream of clients: This is how I do it. Marilyn’s Feel Free to Prosper Program has totally turned my life around and put me in control of my own destiny again.

Best investment I ever made. I’m back!

Claudia Suzanne
The Ghostwriting Expert
Tustin, CA

Marilyn has been one of my best ‘secret weapons’ in my own life…and it’s time I share. Since meeting Marilyn, my income has more than tripled…no bull. I have attracted more success into my life than the previous 3 years — combined. I have discovered how much potential I truly have.

With her help, amazing things have happened. I won awards. My business has thrived, and I got the chance to work with some of the most successful people in the world. And I made a lot more money (which meant I could give more to my charity of choice, helping hundreds of kids in some very challenging situations).

If you are like me, and want more out of life, I would ask you to listen to what Marilyn has to offer.

Troy White
Responsive Direct Marketing, Inc.
Calgary, CA

Gratitude, My Recent Manifestation

Marilyn Jenett has changed SO many lives. Or, more accurately, Marilyn has helped SO many people change their own lives.

I have to tell you, this lady has the keys to unlock your prosperity consciousness. I just can’t say enough what a breakthrough even one month of working with Marilyn was.

For my work in the month of November, I got paid… get this…more than I made the entire YEAR before!

AND, at the same time, we moved to Austin, found an absolutely fanTAStic deal on a home here that is incredibly energy-efficient, got rid of our huge gas-guzzling custom van, which we just really didn’t need any more, now that all of my work is virtual. All that combined reduced our living expenses by nearly $2,000 a month. That’s money in the bank, too. And, the stock I got paid in (PUBC.OB) went from $0.28 a share to $0.70 a share!

So what are we doing with all that extra money? Having an absolutely fabulous Christmas for our kids and grandkids, holding onto the stock so we build up some investments, and — most of all — not stressing constantly about finances.

Thanks, God! Thanks, Marilyn! Thanks to all of you who have supported me in so many ways!

Scott Allen
Social Media Expert and Author
Austin, TX

Note from Marilyn: You have to hear Scott’s prosperity rendition of a famous Disney tune:

The Mentor/Teacher I Was Looking For…

My name is Catherine Garceau, a passionate health advocate and Olympic Medalist from Sydney 2000 in Synchronized Swimming. You would think as an Olympic Medalist, life is just made for you. The truth is that even someone with the drive and discipline to reach such an achievement in life can be just as vulnerable to the issues and “dark nights of the soul” as others — and sometimes more so.

Here I was, again, prior to my 31st birthday, standing in a state of wonder about how I was still living in a place of financial insecurity and scarcity when I had so many potential channels for abundance to flow in. My challenge was to climb out of my own tailspin with regard to my health, body and financial lack.

Just as I was reaching deep within, Marilyn and I met through unusual synchronicity. One conversation and I knew I had found the mentor/teacher I was looking for…

The lessons and recordings of her audio program produced incredibly fast results. And I mean fast….

In exactly two short weeks, I manifested a dream “home,” job and opportunity that was in perfect alignment with my vision of many years — to bring my health goals and spiritual quest and outreach into action. I have since gone on to create my own health and wellness summits.

Doing Marilyn’s work has truly created a shift in my life that is leading to the most inspiring and life-changing times of my life so far. Marilyn’s own story of synchronicity and guidance and mastering universal laws has prepared her well to teach us to receive.

Catherine Garceau
Olympic Medalist, Speaker and Author
Toronto, CA

This is the REAL Magic in Life…

Dear Marilyn,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Words cannot even describe the amazing transformation in my life since I started applying the Feel Free To Prosper secrets you share. It’s only been a month now since I completed your course and the results in my life are miraculous.

Just by applying your unique and simple principles each day, I’ve added thousands of dollars a month to my income. In fact, I’m set to 10 TIMES my income this year and I’m not working any harder! I used to think that to increase my prosperity and happiness, it meant I needed to work harder. Not the case at all! I spend a maximum of 10-15 minutes each day doing the simple exercises I’ve learned from you and that’s ALL I’m doing. In fact, I’m no longer spending any money advertising (I used to spend thousands a month on the Internet) and clients find me from all over the country.

I knew your teachings absolutely worked when after just one week of applying the first lessons, I had a major television show call and offer to pay me to appear as a guest on their reality show! The show has now aired in the U.S. & Canada and it continues to make me money as people now see me as a TV star instead of “just” a Magician.

I am incredibly grateful for what you’ve created here. If only everyone were to apply your simple secrets, this world would truly be a different place. Keep up your magic. It is the REAL magic in life, not just a trick!

Matthew James
Named one of America’s Top Magicians
Naples, FL

Marilyn’s Teachings Subtly Influence Events at Buckingham Palace

Feel Free to Prosper by “Royal Appointment”…

Marilyn boldly states that with her teachings, you will have “the universe on speed dial.” Well that was interesting because I’d been getting used to the exact opposite — slowness.

In the first week of applying Marilyn’s lessons, for a ghostwriting project, I confirmed a Foreword by Prince Philip and a Dedication by Lady Soames, daughter of Winston Churchill.

The universe loves speed! Wow!!! The Palace response, almost immediately followed by Lady Soames’ decision was like a double sonic boom, a cosmic cry to me saying, “This stuff really works…”

A week later, the speed dial went crazy! I’d just finished writing my Feel Free to Prosper affirmations when there was a knock at the door. Manuscript back from the Palace with agreed Foreword (brilliantly composed by Prince Philip). General rejoicing!

Michael Ward
Copywriter and Ghostwriter
Isle of Portland, UK

The woman who changed my financial life and helped direct me to financial expansion…

Marilyn will unravel your financial blocks and open up money flow…for you! The first time I did Marilyn’s program, quite amazing things happened in my life. She combines a spiritual and pragmatic approach to manifestation and abundance with techniques that will help you shift dramatically and have “the Universe on speed dial.”

Dee Wallace
Star of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, film and television actress, healer, and author of Bright Light

Dear Marilyn,

Been doing the work for a week and we had a meeting with our landlord and he has reduced the rent for our bakery by £6000.00 for this year and next. We are so appreciative.

Lots of love,

Chris and Harpal Pollard
La Roche Patisserie & Boulangerie
Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK

After I applied Marilyn’s lessons, my husband received a promotion at his job, I began manifesting new contracts for my young IT services business and two months later I closed on my dream home overlooking one of Chicago’s most prestigious golf courses.

The small girl who grew up penniless in India has now overcome challenges and discrimination to rise as the owner of an award-winning international company in a male-dominated industry.

Keep up the good work, Marilyn, and take it to more people who can benefit from Feel Free to Prosper.

Poonam Gupta
President and CEO, Iyka Enterprises, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Our House is Saved!

May 27, 2013

Marilyn, I would like to thank you so much for your teaching!!! The exercises that you had in your program worked out where we were able save our house from forclosure. We manifested $10,340.28 and were able to wire this money to our mortgage company!! I think the mortgage company was even shocked because every time we called them, they had to let us know that our house would be sold on 6/17/13.

Thank you so much for everything!! Since we manifested the funds, I am now focused on our 25th wedding anniversary which is June 25! We have already priced some cruises to Cozy Mel!! WEALTH-SUCCESS IS WHERE IT’S AT!!


May 28, 2013

Good Morning Marilyn,

I’m ecstatic to report that LaMel’s last message is REAL. Hallelujah, we had a breakthrough. We originally thought the mortgage company would accept our application for a modification of the loan but it was denied. The old Tina would have started fretting, but thanks to your teaching, I was relaxed and was neutral and released the mortgage outcome to God. We received money from a couple of unexpected sources. We employed your techniques and used the tools you taught us to manifest our breakthrough.

Now on to the next thing — our 25th wedding anniversary vacation. In the past, we have not enjoyed a vacation or a big celebration for any of our wedding anniversaries. Since next month marks the 25th silver anniversary year for us we wanted to do something really exciting and memorable. We can’t thank you enough Marilyn.

In Gratitude,


June 26, 2013
Subject: Cruise Update

Hi Marilyn,

Just wanted to let you know, we are going on our Wedding Anniversary Cruise…Our Anniversary was actually the 25th and because of your teaching, we were able to find the perfect cruise leaving on 6/29/13.

Thanks again for being such a great influence in our lives…Your teaching has been life changing!!



LaMel C. & Tina R. Burt
Little Rock, AK

… And Then I Came Across Your Program

Thank you, Marilyn, for your awesome program.

Something within me has always sensed that life is supposed to be easy and fun and that there must be a way to actually make this reality work. And yet with over 30 years of study in spiritual principles, energetic techniques, countless seminars, 100s of self-help books, and even a degree in parapsychology…my search continued…

My husband and I own a home building company and all of our assets were invested in completed new homes sitting on the market. It had been 18 months since our last home sale, which is a considerable length of time to go with no income. We needed a sale quickly or life as I had become accustomed to living could change radically. I was diligently using energetic techniques and principles I had learned, to turn my financial situation around…but nothing was changing or happening. …And then I came across your program.

I started the FFTP program 10 days ago. Almost daily I have received something wonderful from the Universe — including unexpected dinner invitations, flowers, compliments…But most profound is the $843,400 in signed sales contracts, with an upcoming potential of an additional $300,000 sales contract this week. This is absolutely amazing and I am truly grateful! I’ve been taking classes for the past 30 years and of all the programs I’ve taken, I’ve never had a program bring me results as quickly and so profoundly. I can actually feel my brain getting rewired. It’s a very unique feeling.

Marilyn, I am so grateful for your program. Thank you for following your intuition and bringing this program to the world. Thank you for your wonderful call this week. Thank you for answering my questions and giving me such wonderful clarity. And I just want you to know, that every night when I’m listing good things that happened…you and your program are always on my list.

Thank you, Marilyn.

Valerie Piotrowski
Beverly Shores, IN

Marilyn’s CPA…

When I first started working with Marilyn, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of her methods. As a CPA I have been trained to rely completely on hard numbers and facts you can see with your own eyes. So when I heard her beliefs of being able to manifest success, money and anything else you desire it was tough for me to wrap my head around. Luckily I didn’t let my skepticism stop me from trying her program.

Well, Marilyn, on a related, cool note, you probably don’t remember but before we even officially worked together you told me that my prices were way too low and that while you are happy to pay them at that rate now, you predicted that in a year I will have raised them quite a bit and brought in even more clients at the higher price. Well you nailed it on both counts!

Josh Bauerle, CPA
Willard, OH

Note from Marilyn: And Josh earned every bit of it — his expertise has saved me thousands in taxes.

My Call To The Universe Was Answered…

I’ve heard many speakers being interviewed. I’ve listened to and studied the masters — Raymond Charles Barker, Dr. Murphy, Florence Scovel Shinn, Eckhart Tolle, Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill, the Fillmores — to name a few.

But…. ten days ago my call to the universe was answered after I listened to Marilyn Jenett speak on a show. Let me just say that the timing for this and the synchronization of her words with my soul were magical. She is that missing link that I’ve been searching for, the missing link to my manifestation of prosperity.

The simplicity of what she teaches and how it permeates the subconscious is putting my business on fire! I purchased her program. She said in two weeks you will begin to be prosperous. In ten days, the business I have currently under contract will generate close to $75,000!

I’m in week two, and this is so exciting to see what will happen next! I’m loving this new normal.

Marilyn…Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you for helping me put that piece together.

Renay Daniels
Bellingham, WA

Manifested Signing With Perfect Literary Agent!

Dear Marilyn,

When I started your program in March, I was in a place in my life, where my thoughts and external world weren’t positive.

Your program has changed my life. It’s more than a program, I would say. It’s a total mindset shift. Now I have a prosperous and abundant mindset and I can see my external world changing before my eyes.

One really important news I wanted to share with you was: I just received the perfect offer of representation from the perfect literary agent for my debut novel, Enchanted Silence. I am so excited!!!!!!! 🙂

I visualized it and believed it was mine before it even showed up externally. I am filled with so much love and goodness and I actually feel happy.

Thanks for the beautiful work you do, Marilyn. I’m sure you get these kind of emails from lots of people. But I wanted to thank you personally, from my heart.

The best thing I learned was to show up fully for my desires and journey and to let the Universe take care of everything else magically. I am the rich child of a loving father, after all.

With Love,

Priyanka Yadvendu
Fremont, CA

Physical And Financial Healing…

Marilyn Jenett is a miracle worker. I signed up for her Feel Free to Prosper Audio program with the intention of getting my design business back on track and my finances in order after a long bout of illness that took me out of playing the game of life fully for about two years. I had no idea that using this simple elegant program would shift everything for me.

The first part of the program gives you a choice of focusing on your finances or focusing on your health. I had an extremely bad head cold that turned into a sinus infection so I used Marilyn’s special affirmation for health for about one week. Marilyn said that using the affirmation would either resolve the problem or bring the people necessary to do the healing. Well it worked. I found a new primary care physician almost immediately for my sinus infection. She in turn brought me to a holistic mercury free dentist. My prolonged illness had been an extremely bad case of mercury poisoning and I wanted to get my amalgams out but didn’t think it would be possible due to my finances. This dentist was affordable and specially trained in mercy removal. No only was he affordable but he ended up charging me 40% less than the price his assistant had quoted over the phone. I had my mercury amalgams out and it was the best experience I’ve ever had in a dentist’s chair. The next morning when I woke up everything looked different. My peripheral vision was fully restored! I had been unwell for so long I hadn’t even realized It had been impaired.

Its been about 2 months. I have completed the Feel Free to Prosper program. I just went away for the weekend for the first time in two years. My business is back on track with three new projects and great clients. I am paying off all of my debt. My health is fully restored. I’ve met a wonderful man. I am back at the wheel of my own life and it feels amazing. And now, I want more! So I am using Marilyn’s program again to bring more wealth, abundance and prosperity into my life. Everything is different now. I am the luckiest woman alive and I am so very grateful.

Beth Joy Goldstein
Forest Hills, NY

Thank You For The Incredible Gift To Self…

Hi Marilyn,

Just a quick thank you for the incredible gift to self that the investment in your Feel Free to Prosper program has been. Since beginning the program end of May, I have had a constant stream of perfect new clients for my transpersonal hypnotherapy practice, +25 sessions and counting, with clients simply appearing and signing themselves up to a course of sessions, when I had previously struggled to string along one session to another or find any continuity with the client work.

Have also had other significant windfall cash inflows and an increased sense of confidence in my capacity to create what I need as I need it. As a hypnotherapist and experienced in working with the sub-conscious mind and belief change, I can vouch that your approach is unique, elegant, powerful and works wonders. For anyone struggling to coax their mind to accept prosperity as their default and to create cash flow on a consistent basis, here is the answer! Thanks for the peerless teachings and your constant demonstration of the principles.

Johneal Rouse
London, UK

Literally Changed My Life…

Marilyn Jenett and her Feel Free to Prosper Program LITERALLY changed my life. I have spent more than half my life in the area of self-help, including teaching and facilitating for others. I understood all the principles mentally, yet this one piece, understanding how to attract true prosperity and to eliminate the lack consciousness that was causing it, had eluded me for 25 years. After two months of disciplined follow-through with the FTTP program, I manifested TRIPLING my MONTHLY income in 2 months, which allowed me to take the time off I had longed for to create a solid foundation for my true passion and purpose. I am now starting round two of the program to make sure I accomplish that.

Not only did I TRIPLE my MONTHLY income in 2 months, I also managed to line up opportunities in my desired business which I am now following up on. I feel such joy and freedom in having achieved this knowledge about HOW to make this happen, that the gratitude I am experiencing often wells up inside me and brings me to tears. It’s extraordinary. If you want to REALLY change your life and manifest all that you desire in the area of prosperity — which is FAR beyond just money, this program will help you achieve this. Marilyn’s knowledge about the subconscious and her ability to make and keep things simple I believe is the key and what sets her apart from all the other “The Secret” and “Law of Attraction” people, as well as her devotion as a teacher to her students. She’s tough and clear and she’s advocating FOR YOU. I promise you, if you follow the program, you, too will achieve spectacular results.

Thank you so much Marilyn! I am forever grateful.

GC, Author and Life Coach

With Sincere Appreciation

Marilyn, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate you and love you. You and the lessons you teach are having a great impact on my life, the life of my family and our business. The changes in my life are refreshing and have been much needed.

Since Dale and I started the program in September, we are seeing an abundant increase in our favorite kind of client…retainer. After beginning the first lesson we had an article published in a national magazine, I was interviewed for a piece in an international magazine, signed on many clients and the list goes on. During the month of December we saw our largest increase to date. We signed on one of the largest and most respected coaches in the industry (who is an awesome referrer and our largest client!) as well as a magazine that reaches our target market (what more can you ask for?!?!).

But in the grand scheme of things, there are many more important things than money. The changes that I am seeing in my thought processes are worth their weight in gold. I just can’t wait to see what the future holds.

If I only had a fast forward button!!

Rebecca and Dale Noles
Spartanburg, SC

The Ruby Slippers Fit Perfectly


Signed, sealed, delivered!!!

I just closed the biggest deal of my career!!!!

The power to get back to Kansas had been in her the entire time. Not realizing this, Dorothy took up the dangerous occupation of witch hunting with her brainless, heartless, and frightened companions. This she did on the advice of a humbug wizard.

Because I am partial to the mountains, Kansas wasn’t in my plans. Instead, I had a very specific type of person that I wanted to bring into my business. I had been searching for this special person for a year. Unfortunately, like Dorothy, I met a humbug along the way that sent me in the wrong direction.

I am writing to thank Marilyn for the ruby slippers and my own personalized “There is no place like home” chant. The power was always in me to work less and make more. I just didn’t know it. Using Marilyn’s course, I left the hunt and my dream business partner found me!

The Elated Heidi
(aka the “Marilynized” Heidi Whitaker)
South Jordan, UT

Thank You Marilyn For Your Fantastic Program!

Just wanted to send you a note and say thank you so much for your program! I have been studying these principles on and off for years. Your program was the first that made it so easy to understand and implement.

My wife and I have been working with lesson 1 & 2 with fantastic results. Initially we had things like clothes, toys, books and even a lower house payment show up easily and effortlessly.

We then started implementing your process specifically for more money. Two days later we were gifted with a check for $10,000! We were blown away. Your program has given us the ability to access the amazing power within us to create a more prosperous, rich and vibrant life!

Needless to say, we are believers in your program and highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to create more money, prosperity and abundance! Thank you so much for your work, I am in deep gratitude.


Mark Romero

From Kenya With Great News…

Dearest Marilyn, I hope you have been well.

My name is Kathy from Kenya with great news. My financial breakthrough finally came through. And I suppose I have been so busy with lots of the cash and where it all needs to be placed that I forgot to tell you. This happened last week. Although it is only one of the channels I was waiting from, I am nevertheless very happy. I have been able to sort out many financial obligations with it, and invest some of it so that I continue to have a flow of income.

With appreciation to you and the program,

Kathy Nduta
Nairobi, Kenya

[Kathy is on the right with her cousin Nuela]
Check Out His Spectacular Results…

I don’t know how I turned out to do so well in real estate/property business as I never thought of doing this line of business or even showed interest in it before. This is my biggest unexpected result from your Lesson One. I’ve made US $391,000 from only US $450 dollars when I started your Lesson One and with debts of US $3,500. (Its only three and half months for me to get this wonderful amount from the day I started with your lesson).

30% of my holiday trip is because I won a door prize of 2 tickets for a cruise from Singapore to Bangkok for 4 nights and 5 days.

I got 8 network leaders in Singapore and the US for my Internet Network Home-Based Business.

My trading business continues every month, which gives me income of about US$ 2,000/month.

Three months time and I have Multiple Streams of Income, which are 90% unexpected.

Marilyn, I feel I did not do all this myself. I could feel the highest good’s magic doing it all. The magic of the highest good is the magic of God. All I do is just surrender to him as I could hear him whispering to me…”Hey, listen! Leave it all to me and let me do it for you.”

And this God also introduced me to you, so that I could get the key to his greatest gift of life.

Thanks a thrillion. 🙂 Without your lesson I don’t know where, what or how I would live this fantastic life.

Name and country withheld by request

Prosperity and Increased Business

I’m writing to tell you all why I haven’t been around much the last week or so on the Spiritual Networking Group board:

I’m busy with lots of new business!!

…(I’ve had job offers from contract work in the past, but never someone practically begging to hire me!) I turned it down! Why? I found myself saying “While I love this company, my own business is too successful right now to give up.” A month ago I was begging people to hire me for ANY kind of job and ready to abandon my freelance business entirely!

Now, this may seem just like a stroke of good luck, but it is something I’ve been working diligently toward: increased prosperity and business. I’ve found Marilyn Jenett’s “Feel Free to Prosper” is a great, elegant program that is different from everything else I’ve tried. The practice of her program went deep into me where I was (in the past) blocking myself from accepting my Divine Right of prosperity. I had to challenge some of my limiting beliefs that have been with me since childhood. Now, every day I’m open and accepting to the flow of prosperity into my life in whatever form I need.

For those of you looking to truly live a prosperous life where you are free and open, please check this program out!!

I take my responsibilities to this group and what I endorse very seriously, and I would not give my endorsement at all if I didn’t believe in this 100% and experience results first hand.

Thanks Marilyn! 🙂

Karin Odell
Web Designer

Breaking My Silence

Marilyn taught me a principle I have never forgotten and has recently become very important in my home.

I don’t usually talk about this next subject because I don’t like to “give energy to it.” However, I feel it is important to break my silence.

I have a daughter with a brain lesion. She is inoperable. She is allergic to every medication we have tried. Her condition is permanently disabling and progressive — or so we thought.

When she seemed to take a turn for the worse, I remembered what Marilyn had taught me about the power of the subconscious mind over disease. I remember an exercise she had taught me. We taught Emmarie the same exercise that Marilyn had taught me. Within three short days, her cognitive function had improved significantly. Within a few weeks, she was reading almost on grade level.

NEVER doubt the power of the subconscious mind to create your body. It is, in fact, creating you every day. Marilyn can help you learn to create it intentionally.

Heidi Whitaker
South Jordan, Utah

A Powerful Agent for Change

Marilyn’s energy is both gentle and direct. Marilyn’s powerful lessons work every time because they are in alignment with simple, yet profound Truths. Whether you are a seasoned metaphysician or a beginning seeker, these lessons are powerful tools for creating the reality you desire. Every session I have had with Marilyn has been life-changing. I first met her when I read her memoir…it’s a story that is destined to change lives…

As I “tested” the Laws on this new part of my journey, I was experiencing quick and powerful results, following Marilyn’s teachings…transitioned out of my former 20-year career and manifested a part-time consulting position that pays six figures and gives me complete freedom…founded a coaching practice…bought and closed a new investment property, found the perfect tenants, and invested in a commercial investment property…personally coached a client and she manifested her place in the upcoming Olympics!

Marilyn is a rising star, a powerful agent for change as a teacher of prosperity laws

Kathleen Jaap, CPA, MA
Houston, TX

Sanjay Ranchandani

Wonder Works of Lesson One

…Unexpected income: US $4,500 + US $169.00 within 2 weeks of practice with only the first lesson and the follow-up lesson from you. The follow-up affirmation works miraculously for me.

…I can say now that — I cannot avoid wealth anymore. Isn’t that great? Your lesson is too powerful.

Marilyn, thank you for your wonderful lessons on the laws of the universe.

Sanjay Ranchandani

Hi Marilyn,

I wanted to send you a quick update of my progress since beginning Lesson One. Even at this early stage, I have noticed a shift in my attitudes towards prosperity, and I have to say that thinking from a prosperity frame of mind is a lot more fun and exciting!

Not only that, but it has opened opportunities already in my business and personal life …

Just prior to beginning Lesson One, I had listed my home for sale. After two weeks, when I was told that an offer was going to be submitted later that day, I sat down and calculated how much I wanted to walk away with after closing. After the offers and counteroffers settled, I had a deal within $163 of the amount I wrote down!

Before listing my home, I made a conscious decision to invest most of the proceeds and rent for the next few years … hoping for something bright, spacious, and suitable for me to operate my expanding web design business from. The search was on!

For some reason, my instinct told me to call one particular ad for the second time…the space sounded perfect, but it was nearly twice the price of the other places I looked at, and it was in a small lakeside village south of town…so originally I dismissed it without going to see it. This time, something compelled me to drive down and at least look at this place that was too expensive, located in a town I didn’t want to move to. I immediately fell in love with the lakeview loft.

With your help and guidance (for which I am truly, truly grateful), I was able to visualize living in this wonderful space and maintain a prosperity attitude that night. The next morning, the owner called with a proposal that made sense for both of us.

Marilyn, I was so excited talking about my new place, I almost forgot to share results on the business side. Again trusting my intuition, I quoted my last project $1,000 higher than I had originally intended, and proposed a $600 upgrade to a project currently in development. I asked what I thought my services were worth, and both clients readily agreed. This also means that I am solidly booked until the end of October!

So far from Lesson One, I have a successful real estate transaction, a fantastic new place to live, and an extra $1,600 … I can’t wait to see what happens with Lesson Two. 🙂

Thank you Universe, and thank you Marilyn!

Russ Jackman
St. Thomas, Ontario, CA

Marilyn’s update: In early 2011, Russ again became an owner with his beautiful new home in St.Thomas.

Woo Hoo Yee Haw Yippeeeeeee

It took me longer than most of you but it happened, and it happened with such a granduer that I feel like I am floating in Seventh Heaven (an analogy for the highest level of ecstasy imaginable in my cultural thought).

You see, I had always been a believer of the prosperity principles that Marilyn teaches here and in her mentoring programs. Not only had I always been a believer, but I had also been a preacher of these principles as well. My trouble was that I was not very good at practicing what I preached, and that in itself created some undesirable circumstances in my personal and family life.

At the time when I joined Marilyn’s Group Mentoring Program, I had been working on a large real estate deal that had been delayed way beyond the normal time frame. 3 to 4 weeks is normal, but I had already been in this deal for almost two months when I started Lesson One.

Lesson One had such a powerful impact on me that I cannot justifiably describe it. However, it did not manifest any cash for me in the first two weeks like most of the other students. I had seen enough changes in me INTERNALLY to see that it was just a matter of things running their course before I would SEE the cash manifested.

It happened yesterday. Just over a week of rehearsing the role-playing homework in Lesson Three, my real estate deal closed (three and a half months after the initial contract was signed). I earned many thousands from the deal. This is Fun!!!!!!!!!!

I can go on and on…I have preached this stuff forever, and it was finally through Marilyn’s lessons and coaching that I found a way to practice what I preached.

Thank You Marilyn, and Thank You God.

Rasheed Hooda
Houston, TX

The IRS Realized They Made a Mistake…

Hi Marilyn,

Three years ago my husband received a letter stating he owed $20,000 to the IRS. He was unemployed at the time this happened. He didn’t file a couple of years, but we could not understand how they figured he owed $20,000 dollars. He was only a truck driver.

We knew we needed an attorney to help us but we didn’t have the money to hire one. We saw on the IRS site that they listed attorneys free of charge. So we got one and it’s been a long road of court hearings, bank statements, paycheck stubs month after month (Harry’s working now).

There was another hearing last month and they said that the final decision — whether they would take the offer the attorney presented or demand all of the money — was to be made in April (four months from now). They were waiting to see how much Harry made this year.

We ordered your Feel Free to Prosper program on Friday, Dec 14th. My husband started the course on Sunday, the 16th. I am writing this on Wednesday, Dec 19th. Here it is just 3 days later and he received a call from his attorney today. After 3 years, the IRS realized they made a mistake and Harry only owes $700, which will be paid out of this year’s refund, so nothing out of pocket.

$20,000 hanging over our heads to the IRS for 3 years and now we are free — just like that.

Thanks Marilyn for creating this program and sharing it with the world!

Karen Herrold and Harry Dixon
Olathe, KS

Largest Orders We Have Ever Received

If you have purchased other programs and have not seen the results you want, please read what I have to say. There are a lot of good LOA type programs on the market and I have purchased many of them. I have listened to many very good speakers and gone through seminars and when I finished them, I found myself pretty much in the same spot I started.

I listened to a replay of one of Marilyn’s talks and found myself ready to buy the program but then I thought about all the other programs I had purchased and my wife who was tired of me spending money for little results. The more I listened, the more I knew I wanted to buy it. I made the decision to buy and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

I started the program and worked my way to the recordings. My first thoughts were that I had heard all this stuff before. It also seemed so simple that maybe I wasted my money again. I figured I might as well try what she says with an open mind and see what happens. As I got into the lessons, I couldn’t help but feel an energy or power that seemed to make what I was reading and writing more meaningful than anything I had experienced. I can’t really explain it other than when I opened my mind to be receptive, I seemed to be able to feel it.

During my third week of lessons, a large project we had been working for a few years appeared to fall apart. We had been told that our product would be able to be sole sourced and at the last minute they decided to bid it out and loosened up the specs as well. Anything can happen on a bid and I knew that I needed to practice what I had been reading and writing in the lessons. As I did, I felt a sense of peace replace my panic and let it go. When the bid closed and was reviewed, we were notified that we were awarded the order for $900,000 plus dollars!

The story does not end there however. Several months later we specified a much larger project and knew this would go out for bid. The bid was modified several times and again the specs were loosened up so more companies could bid. I knew the chances of my prices being low with all the companies bidding would be very slim. The bid award was delayed for several weeks and we felt that pricing must be an issue. While I was eager to hear the results, I had a sense of peace about it again and decided to let it go and not worry.

Recently I was informed that we had been awarded the order for nearly $3,000,000!!! It is important to note that I am not with a large company but rather a small company that my wife and I own. These orders were the single largest orders we have ever received.

Bottom line, if you read and listen to the lessons and do the exercises with an open mind, I believe you may experience the results you have always wanted as I am at this moment. I thank Marilyn from the bottom of my heart.

K. Hunt 
Arlington, TX