“In skimming, I can only say one thing with certainty. Our spiritual connection to God/the Universe/Divine Mind/Infinite Intelligence (whatever you choose to call it) cannot be recognized through the intellect. It can be known about through the intellect, but it can’t be known. It can only be experienced through intuition and feeling. And once it is recognized, once you become aware of that Presence and its responsiveness to you, you can never be the same. Once you learn to align yourself with the laws and that Presence, you have achieved Spiritual Intelligence — true intelligence.”

— Marilyn’s note to a friend

Marilyn’s Views

Did you know…

Every word we speak, every thought we think, and every emotion we feel is recorded in the subconscious mind. Through repetition or with enough faith or emotional impact, the subconscious will accept our words as a command and will create subjectively and also attract and magnetize circumstances, conditions and persons to ensure the manifestation of our “order.”

Even words spoken casually can bypass the conscious mind and drop into the subconscious and take root. It has been said, “the subconscious mind cannot take a joke.” Seemingly harmless expressions, if accepted by the subconscious, can produce undesirable results in our lives.

Something to think about…How many times today have you said aloud or to yourself, even casually, “I can’t afford…”

— Excerpt from Lesson One, “The Spoken Word”
Feel Free to Prosper


Albert Einstein said: “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.”

This means that in order to find our solution, we must move in our mind and thoughts away from the problem and put our focus and attention on the solution. We must know in our mind that there is a right solution to our challenge and that it is presenting itself right at this time and that we will recognize the guidance as it is presented to us. We will follow our “hunches” and take action.

The most important thing, though, in creating that right answer, is to continually keep our mind centered on a solution and not keep rehashing the problem. If we focus on the solution, the solution will present itself. Keep knowing that the solution is right at hand. Ask for guidance, and have faith that you will receive. But stay in that calm, centered state of faith. That is where you can listen and receive guidance from within and without. Release all fear, all anger, all doubt. Be still, and know… I believe strongly in living mentally in the state of the answered prayer.

The Confidence Solution

True confidence comes when we recognize that we don’t have to go it alone. We are connected to and supported by a very loving Universe — an invisible power that sustains us and propels us forward. It whispers in our ear: “Come on, come up higher. You can do it.” The Universe will ALWAYS back us up when we open our minds to accept this.

“I am up to this challenge. The Universe is my coach and guides me every step of the way. Success in mine.”

I have often said, “The trouble with most people is that they have no invisible means of support.”

Religion and Abundance?

For those of you who are religious or have religious background and have been conditioned to believe that financial prosperity doesn’t belong in the spiritual life, may I remind you of the following.

I am not a Bible scholar or affiliated with any religion but I teach prosperity principles based on mental and spiritual laws and there is plenty of support for this in the Bible.

These scriptures come to mind:

…for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth. — Deuteronomy

…for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success… — Joshua

I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly. — John

Working to Live or Living to Work? (Living One’s Purpose)

A very clear picture comes to mind. There is a wonderful movie titled Always — a Steven Spielberg film and remake of the original A Guy Named Joe…about a woman whose pilot fiancé returns after death to guide her to new love. Well, in the modern version, the pilots are all firefighters who fly the planes that spray the forests to put out fires. (By the way, it’s a great movie and I recommend it to everyone.)

Anyway, I saw a documentary about Spielberg while he was filming this movie and in one scene he was way up in the sky in a crane checking out the scenes and lay of the land. All around him were the blazing fires. What struck me so intensely was when he took his eyes away from his camera and stood up and yelled, “MY GOD, I LOVE THIS BUSINESS!” That’s living to work.


The trouble with most people is that they have no invisible means of support. 

— Dr. Joseph Murphy, Marilyn’s teacher

Secret of Manifesting

So I maintain that what we CLAIM in consciousness — when the conscious mind and the subconscious mind agree on a thought or idea, then this marriage or union produces the children, which are the results we desire, our answered prayer.

So we use our conscious mind to instill or “impregnate” the image, idea, feeling of what we want in the subconscious mind, and when this idea “takes” in the mind, we feel peaceful, certain and secure that our result is manifesting. We are on “automatic pilot.” Doors open, we are guided to action, and all the forces in the Universe come into play to produce our desired result — the outcropping of the seed planted in the soil of the subconscious.

If there is a secret, I believe it is that anything and everything we want is already there for us in Universal Mind, waiting for us to make a clear-cut decision and receive it through our powers of faith, belief and acceptance.

Claiming Our Worth

It was notable that when I started my business twenty years ago, I came up with a certain “minimum” profit I wanted to make. Within a very short time I didn’t feel that profit was enough and I gingerly started to charge more. Then more. I kept stretching and kept raising my profit requirement.

NOW THIS IS THE MOST INTERESTING PART: The more I raised my prices, the more I attracted higher paying clients. Each step forward helped me release the fear that I couldn’t get more (or maybe that I wasn’t worth more).

The caliber of client I attracted was directly related to the amount of profit I required for myself. The more I claimed for myself, the more the Universe brought to me the clients who had the ability to pay and to accommodate my higher prosperity consciousness.

Over time I completely eliminated the type of events that required much more work for much less money. I realize now that I was creating that “vacuum” for new, higher paying clients to arrive. And they kept arriving. And new circumstances opened up to attract them.

The Universe will find a way to bring us the rewards that we claim for ourselves. But we must claim it — boldly — and know we deserve it.

We must make a decision. We are operating from integrity, we have a viable and valuable product or service to offer, there are plenty of clients or customers who will benefit from what we have to offer, and we deserve to be rewarded appropriately.

I am reminded of what model Christy Turlington used to say: “I won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000.”

Good for her! She claimed her good. She knew what she had to offer.

(Okay, we’re not supermodels, but you get the point…and by the way, Christy was getting her degree while modeling and using her celebrity status to help very worthwhile causes).

Confidence vs. Courage

Confidence is relying on your own powers or abilities.

Courage is relying on God’s (the Universe’s).

On Becoming a Millionaire

What beliefs do I hold about being/becoming a millionaire? I have several thoughts I would like to express:


I believe that to become a millionaire, we must acquire the mental equivalent of being a millionaire. We must take on the consciousness (the feeling and thought life) of already being a millionaire.

The words of Charles Fillmore:

“The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is right with you all the time and responds to your faith in it and your demands on it.

“There is no scarcity of the air you breathe. There is plenty of air, all you will ever need, but if you close your lungs and refuse to breathe, you will not get it and may suffocate for lack of air. When you recognize the presence of abundance of air and open your lungs to breathe it deeply, you get a larger inspiration. This is exactly what you should do with your mind in regard to substance. There is an all-sufficiency of all things, just as there is an all-sufficiency of air. The only lack is our own lack of appropriation.

“Today man is learning consciously to make union with this invisible spiritual thought stuff and appropriate and manifest it. Our supply and support is governed by our familiarity with substance and by our mental hold upon it.”

The amount of substance (wealth) that we have depends upon how big the container (consciousness) is that we bring to the ocean of abundance. We can bring a spoon, a cup, a pail, a tank. I believe that to be a millionaire, we must have the container of a millionaire. The challenge is to acquire the tools to enlarge our container 🙂


I believe that to become a spiritual millionaire, we must give a million dollars (or more) worth of service/value to the world.


The universe operates through dynamic exchange…
giving and receiving are different aspects
of the flow of energy in the universe.
And in our willingness to give that which we seek,
we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.

— Deepok Chopra


I believe that to become a millionaire, or to have anything we desire, we must feel and express gratitude for the desired result BEFORE we receive it. Gratitude is one of the greatest of all spiritual principles.

Easy Does It

I always caution my students not to “work hard” at applying mental principles. Easy does it.

Working hard at it or “trying” implies a negative to the subconscious. It implies that you may not succeed and this will not bring results. It is called “The Law of Reversed Effort.” The harder you try to do something, the less chance you have of succeeding.

The perfect state of mind is relaxation and ACCEPTANCE. Accept the perfect outcome in a relaxed state.

If you already had what you wanted, how would you feel? Certainly not anxious or doubtful or pressing. You would feel relaxed and grateful. That is the state of mind in which the subconscious is most receptive and will accept your “order.” Once it accepts your idea, all of the forces of the Universe will come to your aid to create your result.

Attracting Customers and Clients

Your business, your customers, your clients, your job, your investments — none of these are your sources of income. There is only one source of income and that is the Universe/God/Infinite Intelligence — whatever you perceive that Spiritual Presence to be. That is your ONLY source. All of the other things are CHANNELS of your income, but they are not the SOURCE. And there are unlimited channels through which the source can bring your good to you. When you rely on the Source, all channels remain open so that your good (your clients/customers) can flow to you from anywhere.

I have always put my attention on the Source of my good. I have never put any attention on looking for or attracting clients. My attention remains focused on the Source, knowing that the Source, the Universe knows exactly where the right clients are that have need for my services at any point in time or space. What I am seeking is seeking me. But I do not give it a single thought because the Universe is all knowing and knows exactly how to bring us together.

If I were to “try” to get those perfect clients (which implies a negative), if I had to work and push at attracting those clients, then what I would be clearly doing is denying that I have faith in the spiritual laws, in the law of supply and demand and more importantly, in the ability of the Universe to supply my every need and attract to me my own — the highest and the best for me.

And for over 20 years that is how I attracted my perfect customers — the largest corporations in the world. I simply relied on my Source, my Senior Partner, the Universe, and trusted.

If your subconscious mind accepts that you already have something, the Universe then becomes the greatest MARKETING DEPARTMENT you could ever ask for. The doors and channels open for all of your good to flow to you. There may be no action to take. Or yes, there may be action, but any action that you are guided to take is “inspired” action. You are on automatic pilot. You will be directed through your intuition as to what action to take and every inspired action will produce results that will fulfill that image that is accepted in the subconscious. I ask and I receive. Only I ask knowing that it is already so. And it IS already so in the Mind of the Universe. Our acceptance at the subconscious level brings it into physical reality. The physical manifestation is only the appearance that results from the already established fact in Mind. The plant is already in the seed. The tree is already in the acorn.