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How Would It Feel to Have Clients Find YOU Effortlessly?

To Become Aligned with Your True Source of Supply?

To Have the Universe as Your Marketing Department?

The Universe IS Your Marketing Department

The foundation of success is in your mind.

You do not need to struggle, seek and strive to build your business or career. You can use simplified mental and spiritual principles based on Universal laws and the subconscious mind to create and attract all the elements — including the right customers and clients — that ensure success in your business.

The Feel Free to Prosper® teachings will help you lay the foundation for a mindset that will enable you to live more effectively and successfully than you ever have before.

Just as a house cannot stand without a proper foundation, all of the marketing, sales and business know-how in the world will not result in success unless you first have the internal foundation — the mindset — to succeed. Once you create that foundation, you will automatically be guided to all the appropriate elements that will result in your success. You will be guided to do exactly what needs to be done to get your results. Or you may be guided to take no physical action — except to watch as results arrive miraculously out of the blue (I know you’ll love that part of these teachings). You will find, as I did, that when you “put the Universe on speed dial” you will truly have the greatest marketing department you could ever hope for — and that the possibilities are unlimited.

This 3-hour, 20-minute recorded teleclass is devoted to prosperity principles just for business success. I share with business owners, solo-preneurs, and career employees, the prosperity laws that I specifically applied to create and build a renowned business for two decades and to later reinvent myself with the creation of my Feel Free to Prosper program.

This class is overflowing with content that will provide you with a clear understanding of the principles that will transform your consciousness and take your business to a new level. It’s a storehouse of information that you won’t find anywhere else.

There is no question in my mind that the use of prosperity principles — based on mental and spiritual laws — is by far the most valuable way to market your business, achieve ongoing success in your business or career, and achieve success in every aspect of life.

You are reading this because you are ready to move beyond your present circumstances and fulfill the potential that you know deep in your heart is within you. You may be a new business owner who yearns to break through a lifetime of struggle to the blissful state of knowing your financial needs are always met. Or maybe you have reached a certain level of accomplishment but have not been able to advance further. Perhaps your greatest desire is for direction — to have your true place in life revealed so that you can profit financially from work that you truly love and were born to do. You may even be a seasoned seeker with knowledge of the laws but find something is missing that prevents you from translating your knowledge into practical results.

With my teachings, I promise that I will simply and passionately share my experiences and knowledge with you so that you can live a more prosperous, inspiring, and successful life.

Your Mentor

“Cheers” Set, 2003, a Favorite Event Location

Marilyn Jenett Locations, my former business of two decades, was a renowned special event location and production company that served the corporate arena. That’s me above at the authentic Cheers set, one of my popular event venues that had been “retired” to a Hollywood museum.

I created my business from less than nothing. I manifested extraordinary television and newspaper publicity with no help or resources. During the next two decades, my tiny one-woman company attracted many of the world’s largest corporate clients — without marketing, advertising, networking or cold calling. I never looked for clients. Literally. They manifested naturally and spontaneously — “out of the blue.”


How did this happen? My achievements in the business world were the result of the prosperity principles that I now teach in my Feel Free to Prosper® program, a simple yet powerful lesson and mentoring program based on mental and spiritual laws. I created the program to mentor and teach others to become aligned with these Universal laws and accept their right to prosper.

Since 2003, I have become an internationally respected prosperity mentor. From around the globe and all walks of life, my students are enjoying remarkable success with my teachings. You’ll find some of their testimonials below and many more throughout the website.

In 2006, on my former online forum, I began writing my entrepreneurial memoir, Feel Free to Prosper: An Entrepreneurial Memoir of Synchronicity and Guidance. I wanted to share how I overcame adversity to accomplish in the business world. The story tells how I used the prosperity laws to create and maintain my special event business, manifest striking successes, and even weather recessions and disasters.

The memoir, free to read online, has attracted over 74,000 readers and extraordinary public attention. I promise if you read it, you will never look at your business — or your life — in the same way again.

Feel Free to Prosper, the book based on my teachings, has been published by Penguin Random House, the world’s largest publisher. The memoir will also be published soon.

Teleclass Program Topics

Topics include…

  • Metaphysical Marketing — What Does This Mean?
  • Action or Magic?
  • Mental vs. Physical Activity in Marketing
  • Antidote to Fear of Failure
  • Working to Live or Living to Work?
  • Attracting Ideal Clients
  • Always Assume the Door Is Open
  • Overcoming the Fear of Asking for Business
  • Compete or Complete?
  • Working Hard? Marilyn’s Ol’ Book-a-Castle Trick
  • Knowing When to Charge More and to Charge Less
  • Can We Really Have the Universe on Speed Dial?
  • Progression Not Recession
  • The Economy — Positive or Negative Impact on Your Business?
  • So What Is Real Success — to YOU?
  • How He Manifested a “Super” Role in a Film…Literally
  • Formula For Becoming a Millionaire

It’s Your Time to Prosper

I am offering you the opportunity to learn powerful prosperity principles for your business in a comfortable manner and at your own convenience. You can sit back, relax and listen to me teach and interact with the participants, or absorb the information on the move with your mobile device.

The Teleclass for Business Success includes:

  • The downloadable mp3 audio recording of the interactive 3-hour, 20-minute group session with me and the participants.
  • Prinicples that are all based on my personal business experience. These teachings are truly unique and are not available anywhere else.
  • Affirmations and pertinent quotations that I share on the call are included as a bonus.


The Teleclass for Business Success is a companion program to my flagship Feel Free to Prosper program. This companion program contains valuable supplemental information relating to business.

However, for your greatest benefit, you should listen to the Teleclass for Business Success after you have completed the Feel Free to Prosper program, which is the foundation of the Feel Free to Prosper teachings.

Yes, you are worth spending 3-1/2 hours with!

Great content, strategies, trust source, ask for guidance, drill your subconscious with positive and progressive thoughts, and stop pushing!



Steve Ulrich
Web and Social Media Strategist

Marilyn rocks!

Check this program out! Simple, wise and powerful 🙂

Catherine Garceau
Olympic Medalist, Speaker and Author
Toronto, CA

A few more comments about the class…

“You’ve still got the mojo…I’ve gotten a little clouded in the mindset department. Wonderful realization since I have an easy remedy!”

“It was wonderful to hear your voice again. Thanks for the opportunity to have some reinforcement of your teachings. Things are going great for us as we continue to apply the principles with great success.”

“Thanks for another great teleclass! Its funny how reminders of what should be obvious things, are still so helpful. Like “getting” clients – you don’t have to search for clients when you assume the perfect clients are already yours. A simple thing, yet very powerful.”

“I don’t think I can hear it enough – when you talk about the power of mental action over physical action. Thank you again Marilyn.”

“I’m currently listening to your audio recording. Awesome!!”

What Students Say About
the Flagship Feel Free to Prosper Program

Feel Free to Prosper Has Completely Transformed My Life

Back in 2006, I expected to break $100,000 for the first time in my life. Only missed it by a few thousand dollars. Life was good.

Then my husband got “constant-attention” sick and my business all but ceased to exist. Gone was my income, his paycheck, our savings, his 401K and profit sharing, our perfect credit rating… By the time we hit rock bottom, we owed the world and couldn’t make payments. Creditors called constantly. We didn’t even have the funds to declare bankruptcy.

Finally, I tried something I’d forgotten about: I talked to the universe, admitted I was out of ideas and asked for help, any kind of help. The very next day, Marilyn Jenett called, referred by a mutual contact.

Can I say the rest is history? Because Oy, what a difference that phone call made!

I immediately began reading her program, writing out the homework, and, after the requisite week, listening to the recorded audio. Within days, my jazz-pianist husband landed a gig. Then more gigs. Soon he’d gone from one gig a week to four or five with new possibilities opening up everywhere. I was totally hooked.

Pretty soon I started getting results. Before long I had clients calling and students enrolling in my Ghostwriting Certification classes. Mind boggling.

Not long afterwards when I got a referral to a high-ticket potential client, I knew it was a done deal even before we met!

I wasn’t hoping, I knew my subconscious manifests my future and I had programmed my subconscious using Marilyn’s teachings and techniques. There was never any question.

Because I know it works.

Because Marilyn has a piece of the truth that — despite her modesty — no one else has.

Because she has a way of putting the ease and logic in universal truths so that the “work” is effortless, the transformation is painless, and the manifestations are guaranteed.

My husband recently passed away, which brought additional financial responsibilities. But again, synchronistically and right on time, another high ticket client arrived, just the right person to work with during this sensitive period. My upcoming writing classes totally filled without effort on my part. I also asked the universe, “What now?” and through inspired action, founded my new publishing company.

So in answer to y’all who keep asking me how I always have a steady stream of clients: This is how I do it. Marilyn’s Feel Free to Prosper Program has totally turned my life around and put me in control of my own destiny again.

Best investment I ever made. I’m back!

Claudia Suzanne
The Ghostwriting Expert
Tustin, CA


I wished I could return to graduate school, but with a family, a full-time job and financial obligations, I didn’t see how. I followed Marilyn’s guidance to manifest my ideal job and within two weeks, attracted a dream job that offered FREE TUITION.

I received my Master’s in April – and again, returned for Marilyn’s guidance to seek my ultimate dream job. And I found it! I am now a Senior Director for an organization empowering girls and young women. I love what I do, and the people that I work with. As an added bonus, my study group from my Master’s program created a side business – an organizational leadership consulting company. My annual income has more than doubled since I obtained my first job with Marilyn, and all this during a national recession!

I feel much more powerful now as I grow to understand more about the laws. I feel they have firmly “taken hold” in my subconscious and that I am truly able to create the life that I desire.

Update: I have since been promoted to Senior Vice President at an even greater increase in salary – still during the 2011 economy. This now truly is my dream job – it’s been wonderful going through this journey with Marilyn.

Alison Wilcox
Senior Vice President for a National Organization
Co-Founder of Serendipity Leadership Solutions
Buffalo, NY

Marilyn has been one of my best ‘secret weapons’ in my own life…and it’s time I share. Since meeting Marilyn, my income has more than tripled…no bull. I have attracted more success into my life than the previous 3 years – combined. I have discovered how much potential I truly have.

With her help, amazing things have happened. I won awards. My business has thrived, and I got the chance to work with some of the most successful people in the world. And I made a lot more money (which meant I could give more to my charity of choice, helping hundreds of kids in some very challenging situations).

If you are like me, and want more out of life, I would ask you to listen to what Marilyn has to offer.

Troy White
Responsive Direct Marketing, Inc
Calgary, CA

Gratitude, My Recent Manifestation

Marilyn Jenett has changed SO many lives. Or, more accurately, Marilyn has helped SO many people change their own lives.

I have to tell you, this lady has the keys to unlock your prosperity consciousness. I just can’t say enough what a breakthrough even one month of working with Marilyn was.

For my work in the month of November, I got paid… get this…more than I made the entire YEAR before!

AND, at the same time, we moved to Austin, found an absolutely fanTAStic deal on a home here that is incredibly energy-efficient, got rid of our huge gas-guzzling custom van, which we just really didn’t need any more, now that all of my work is virtual. All that combined reduced our living expenses by nearly $2,000 a month. That’s money in the bank, too. And, the stock I got paid in (PUBC.OB) went from $0.28 a share to $0.70 a share!

So what are we doing with all that extra money? Having an absolutely fabulous Christmas for our kids and grandkids, holding onto the stock so we build up some investments, and – most of all – not stressing constantly about finances.

Thanks, God! Thanks, Marilyn! Thanks to all of you who have supported me in so many ways!

Scott Allen
Social Media Expert and Author
Austin, TX

The Mentor/Teacher I Was Looking For…

My name is Catherine Garceau, a passionate health advocate and Olympic Medalist from Sydney 2000 in Synchronized Swimming. You would think as an Olympic Medalist, life is just made for you. The truth is that even someone with the drive and discipline to reach such an achievement in life can be just as vulnerable to the issues and “dark nights of the soul” as others – and sometimes more so.

Here I was, again, prior to my 31st birthday, standing in a state of wonder about how I was still living in a place of financial insecurity and scarcity when I had so many potential channels for abundance to flow in. My challenge was to climb out of my own tailspin with regard to my health, body and financial lack.

Just as I was reaching deep within, Marilyn and I met through unusual synchronicity. One conversation and I knew I had found the mentor/teacher I was looking for…

The lessons and recordings of her audio program produced incredibly fast results. And I mean fast….

In exactly two short weeks, I manifested a dream “home,” job and opportunity that was in perfect alignment with my vision of many years – to bring my health goals and spiritual quest and outreach into action. I have since gone on to create my own health and wellness summits.

Doing Marilyn’s work has truly created a shift in my life that is leading to the most inspiring and life-changing times of my life so far. Marilyn’s own story of synchronicity and guidance and mastering universal laws has prepared her well to teach us to receive.

Catherine Garceau
Olympic Medalist, Speaker and Author
Toronto, CA

Marilyn’s Teachings Subtly Influence Events at Buckingham Palace

Feel Free to Prosper by “Royal Appointment”…

Marilyn boldly states that with her teachings, you will have “the universe on speed dial.” Well that was interesting because I’d been getting used to the exact opposite – slowness.

In the first week of applying Marilyn’s lessons, for a ghostwriting project, I confirmed a Foreword by Prince Philip and a Dedication by Lady Soames, daughter of Winston Churchill.

The universe loves speed! Wow!!! The Palace response, almost immediately followed by Lady Soames’ decision was like a double sonic boom, a cosmic cry to me saying, “This stuff really works…”

A week later, the speed dial went crazy! I’d just finished writing my Feel Free to Prosper affirmations when there was a knock at the door. Manuscript back from the Palace with agreed Foreword (brilliantly composed by Prince Philip). General rejoicing!

Michael Ward
Copywriter and Ghostwriter
Isle of Portland, UK

After I applied Marilyn’s lessons, my husband received a promotion at his job, I began manifesting new contracts for my young IT services business and two months later I closed on my dream home overlooking one of Chicago’s most prestigious golf courses.

The small girl who grew up penniless in India has now overcome challenges and discrimination to rise as the owner of an award-winning international company in a male-dominated industry.

Keep up the good work, Marilyn, and take it to more people who can benefit from Feel Free to Prosper.

Poonam Gupta
President and CEO, Iyka Enterprises, Inc.
Chicago, IL

Feel Free to Prosper Teleclass
for Business Success

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Marilyn’s Guarantee

I am confident that you will experience the benefits of this program. Because of the very low investment for the great value and content of this program, and because this is a completely digital product, no refunds will be granted. I want you to purchase the program only if you are truly ready for change and are willing to apply the teachings.

However, if you don’t find the program to be of great value as promised, let us know within 30 days of your purchase. I’ll be happy to give you a full credit toward any other Feel Free to Prosper product.