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The foundation of success is in your mind. You do not need to struggle, seek and strive to build your business or your life. You can use simplified mental and spiritual principles based on Universal laws and the subconscious mind to create and attract all the elements that ensure your success.

The Feel Free to Prosper® teachings will help you lay the foundation for a mindset that will enable you to live more effectively and successfully than you ever have before.

My popular 42-page Special Edition eBook, An Introduction to Universal Laws and Prosperity Principles, is the perfect introduction that will enhance your understanding of these profound laws. It will raise your awareness and start you on your journey to grow your prosperity consciousness. I am known for my practical, down-to-earth teachings that make these abstract concepts easy to understand so that you can apply them immediately to make striking changes in your life.

If you are drawn to my teachings but aren’t ready to commit to a Feel Free to Prosper program, then here’s your opportunity to personally experience my wisdom and teaching style while you gain valuable insight for your growth and receive answers to many questions. If you have seen the movie The Secret but want more specific information to apply the Law of Attraction and other equally important laws in your life, this e-Book is for you.

Here’s What You Can Expect

An Introduction to Universal Laws and Prosperity Principles serves as an introduction to mental and spiritual laws and the prosperity principles that are the foundation of the Feel Free to Prosper® program. It’s filled with rich content, practical wisdom, prosperity techniques and inspiration.

You will gain the knowledge and insight to begin your journey to a prosperous life. I reveal to you how each of us has the ability to nurture our “magical powers” and show you that the supernatural is really quite natural. And the best part of all is that you can come to understand these Universal laws in the most simple, practical terms.

Please do not be fooled by the simplicity of this material. It may seem simple, but it is profoundly powerful. There are plenty of books and much information in the marketplace that approach the laws from an intellectual and philosophical standpoint.  However, to get results, we must learn to apply the laws directly and incorporate them in our consciousness.

The subconscious mind responds to ideas that are simple and to the point. The advertising and marketing industries have known this for a long time. We fertilize the soil of our minds to prepare for planting, but we are also planting at the same time. When inspired to compose the Feel Free to Prosper lessons and material, I realized and knew from experience that the simplest approach and techniques would bring the fastest results.

So, now…download your eBook, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride…


Table of Contents

Part I.    So, What ARE These Mental and Spiritual Laws? Page 7

The Universe

The Laws

Dominant Thought

Part II.    By George, She’s Got It! Page 12

Now Will You Get It?

The Subconscious Cannot Take a Joke

Words about Others

The Single Most Immediate Thing

Part III.   Affirmations Why You May Not Get Results Page 19


Mental Gardening

Part IV.   Source vs. Channels Page 25

Part V.    Use the Powerful Principle of Gratitude to Attract  What You Don’t Yet Have Page 28

Gratitude for What You Don’t Have?

Gratitude as the Magnet

Gratitude Attracts More

The Simplest Gratitude Prayer

Part VI.   The Solution to Every Problem Page 34

Congratulations! — Page 36

Testimonials — Page 37

Here’s What You Will Learn…

  • The basis of mental and spiritual principles.
  • Why affirmations may not be bringing you results.
  • Why you don’t have to “strive” or try to create success. In fact, you will learn why trying will never get you there.
  • Why your business, job, clients, customers, or investments are NOT your source of income.
  • Opening your pipeline and creating connection to your true source of supply.
  • The words that you are habitually using that are preventing your success.
  • How to handle setbacks.
  • And the single most immediate thing you can do — right now — to increase your income and business — and it has nothing to do with the outside world.

The teachings I share in the eBook relate to your ability to manifest money and other forms of supply in your life. It’s based on your needs and desire to break through the barriers that are holding you back.

Hi Marilyn:

I wanted to write to you and let you know how much I enjoyed the eBook you offered about the Universal Laws. I was impressed by the amount of useful information in it; I really felt like I got a good sense of your principles and the way you do business, and  grounding in the precepts that I could immediately put into action. I tried out two of your suggestions, changing my own language about money (which is harder than it sounds!), and adding in a small but believable “mantra” to help assuage my doubts. Thankfully, I have enough money to cover all my bills and keep me fed, which is more than a lot of people have, so I’ve tried very hard to focus on that — that I have plenty of money for my needs, plenty of time for my work and my hobbies, plenty of energy to do everything I want to do, and plenty of love in my life for my friends, my work, and even my cat (she helps with the last one a lot).

I have already seen some manifestations — both within myself, in that I finished up a job that had no deadline and had therefore been long languishing, and in my clients, who are sending me more work, and paying their bills. I’m so pleased with these results that I’ve decided to try out your “Manifesters” audio program  — thanks to the clients and work, I will have plenty of money to pay for it!

Thank you again!

Amy Crook
Not Dead Yet Studios

Hi Marilyn,

Marilyn’s words are inspirational. Her eBook has been key in keeping me on track with my business in a way that is caring and practical. It’s not everyday that you find such spiritually uplifting, yet practical advice, to get what you want for yourself in life.

Thank you Marilyn!

Sandi Thompson
Solutions Through Nutrition

From decades of study and practice, Marilyn knows exactly how to get your subconscious working for you. The results are startling. Suddenly you take giant strides. Suddenly everything seems to be working for you. Marilyn calls this, ‘Having the universe on speed dial.

This Ebook is the best possible introduction to ‘the world of Marilyn’. And the world of Marilyn is where your dreams and desires come true. When Marilyn says, “You can have the universe on speed dial,” she’s perfectly serious. You can literally have whatever you want. It’s that simple. So take the first step. Read this Ebook.

Michael Ward
Dorset, UK

Update: After downloading the eBook, I ordered the Feel Free to Prosper program and in the first week of applying Marilyn’s lessons, for a ghostwriting project, I confirmed a Foreword by Prince Philip and a Dedication by Lady Soames, daughter of Winston Churchill.

The universe loves speed! Wow!!! The Palace response, almost immediately followed by Lady Soames’ decision was like a double sonic boom, a cosmic cry to me saying, “This stuff really works…”


Since I read your eBook, I experienced a complete change in my life – in just one week.

A few examples are as follows:

I was referred a new listing on a property.

I wrote an offer on another property for a client.

My brother called me after not having any communication with him in ages. It was like nothing had ever gone wrong, not that anything ever did go wrong. He just acted like the brother that he used to be. It was a real shock.

A man from my past called me and wanted to reconcile our relationship.

Thank you Marilyn for being so giving and allowing me and others to benefit from your years of experience. I can’t think negative any longer, and if I start to think negative, my mind just turns to positive. I feel and look much happier than before.


Real Estate Broker
Los Angeles


Thanks for your “Universal Laws” ebook. Our conversation on the telephone was my inspiration. Your ebook is a “compass” that guides me through the “maze” of thoughts and feelings towards a greater prosperity. I got a Mazda in December instead of a motorcycle. Much better in freezing weather…I’ll get the motorcycle in 2010…

Gratefully Yours, with Love…Zeno

Zeno Nahayewsky


I signed up for your newsletter and downloaded the free book. It is written so beautifully. What a gift to all who read it.

All the very best,

Terry MacDonald

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